Testosterone Supplement Stack Reviewed

Here is the supplement stack I use on a regular basis to improve my testosterone, health, and libido.

To give you an understanding into why I use these supplements, it might help to know a little about my lifestyle so you can see why I’ve chosen these supplements – they could be the same reasons for yourself. 

Below we’ll discuss all of the most proven, and well-researched ingredients (and complete formulas) to increase testosterone levels naturally.

The main supplement line I am currently using is Performance Labs

Why did I pick Performance labs?

They are vegan-friendly, ethically sourced, and created to the highest quality.

Each serving comes in gel plant caps are made to be more bioavailable – helping to get more of the ingredient into the areas needed as quickly as possible.

Trust me when I say, they aren’t some cheap imitation of the real deal, these supplements have been well researched and created by people who care about their customers – hence why I chose to use Performance Labs products.

Benefits I experienced:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Supports healthy vitamins and mineral balance
  • I sleep better
  • My testosterone is noticeably higher
  • My libido is also more active

My Routine and Lifestyle

I workout 3 days a week with weights, I also play sports on the weekends with friends. I work many hours a day to tight deadlines where stress soon begins to build up.

Occasionally, I travel on public transport which can expose me to even more stress (bad news for testosterone) and also the common cold.

I always aim to eat my fruit, vegetables, and proteins throughout the day to repair my body – but there are times I don’t get everything I need.

This is why I like to rely on a quality supplement, as I know from my own research and tests, they will help to fill in the gaps – keeping my testosterone T-levels high and balanced.

A lack of certain vitamins in the diet has been shown to reduce testosterone levels significantly – hence why I use supplements on a regular basis. (01)

My Complete Testosterone Supplement Stack

A lot has changed in recent years, especially the way in which I approach testosterone production and the supplements I use.

In the past, you’d find cheap testosterone boosters filled to the brim with a whole variety of ingredients, but, when you do your research, and believe me I have been researching this stuff for a long time – you realize most of those ingredients are either harmful, or either don’t work at all.

In my opinion, when you narrow it down there are only a handful of ingredients that work – these ingredients are inside the following supplements:

Testosterone Enhancer

This Sport T Booster contains Ashwagandha, D-Aspartic acid, Leotuin, and Mucuna Pruriens, all of which has helped to improve my lean muscle mass (with very little exercise) – with increased sex drive – and more sustained energy.

I highly recommend this testosterone supplement for anyone, not just bodybuilders, but also those who are wanting an extra ‘lift’ if you get my drift. 

> Learn More: Performance Labs T-Boster

Tested and highly recommended for: improved sex drive, lean muscle mass, and energy support. 

Men’s Multi-Vitamin

This men’s multivitamin has certainly helped in my recovery after intense workouts. I take 4 of these vegan-friendly gel capsules per day, and I can feel a real boost in my energy.

While it contains most common ingredients, such as Vitamin D for example. It also contains larger doses of Zinc and Magnesium – which are very important for men’s sexual health. 

> Learn More: Performance Labs Men’s Multi-Vitamin

Tested and highly recommended for: better workout recover, fighting off illnesses, increased energy and men’s sexual health support.

Sleep Aid

Inside this ingenious sleep aid, there is a handful of ingredients, that when examined for the first time might not rais any eyebrows. That’s exactly what I thought. I honestly was a little skeptical, why? It didn’t contain ZMA, which is what I normally take.

WHY A SLEEP AID? Without sleep, your cortisol will begin to rais, too much cortisol and you will NOT be able to raise testosterone levels.

After taking it for the first time, I slept like a baby, and better still, I wasn’t drowsy in the morning like I normally am with other t-boosting sleep aids. I highly recommend giving this supplement a try if you need more sleep. 

> Learn More: Performance Labs Sleep Aid

Tested and highly recommended for: deep sleep without drowsiness and increased energy due to more balanced sleeping patterens. 

Cod Liver Oil

If you’ve read our testosterone guide, you’ll know that cholesterol and vitamin D is important for testosterone production. Simply put, if you don’t have a combination of the two, it’s virtually impossible for your body to start making testosterone.

This is exactly why I use fish oil supplements every morning to raise my cholesterol levels just enough to allow for vitamin D to do its magic and increase my t-levels. 

> Learn More: BulkPowders Omega 3 supplement (Europe)

Tested and highly recommended for: assisting the body with the production of vitamin D, which also helps to raise testosterone levels. 

Things I noticed when using this testosterone supplement stack:

I feel a surge and desire to have more sex, and I can certainly feel that my erections are much harder and I produce more serum.

How do I know this? Let’s say that I receive a lot of compliments from my partner. She once doubted these supplements, but now she’s a ‘firm‘ believer.

I hope this page helps anyone looking to feel strong and confident once again – I know I’ve certainly benefited from these supplements.

If I could only pick one, maybe two of these supplements which would I choose?

Good question!!

I find the ingredients inside the Sport T-Booster and their Whole Food Multi Supplement are ahead of the curve.

If you are unsure of which testosterone supplement to use, then I can highly recommend the Sport T Booster for those wanting stronger muscle with an increased sex drive.

On the other hand, for those of you who are more concerned with your overall health, say those who workout often, then, the Men’s Multi-Vitamin might be a great choice for you.

Getting the most out of these supplements

If you really want to get the most out of these testosterone enhancers I suggest you follow a clean diet and lift weights at least x 3 a week. This will help to increase your testosterone levels at a much greater speed.

Lifting weights will increase growth hormone and create an anabolic response that will stimulate the production of testosterone naturally within the body. (02)

Continuing with a bad diet, drinking alcohol, large amounts of caffeine (raises cortisol and stress) and being inactive will not fix anything.

You have to get the balance right, and when you do, combined with these supplements, you’ll see huge changes in yourself.

Having a higher body fat level, and increased sugar intake has been linked to lowering testosterone levels. (03)

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment below.


(01) Are low levels of 25(OH) vitamin D and testosterone clinically relevant in men with paraplegia? (Source)

(02) Hormonal responses and adaptations to resistance exercise and training. (Source)

(03) Hormonal responses and adaptations to resistance exercise and training. (Source)

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