Will Oyster Extract Increase Your Testosterone Levels? Find Out!

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This is a detailed article on Oyster Extract. Using scientifically-backed research, we’ll cover its benefits for testosterone, libido, and general health. Sit tight.


Oysters have been used for centuries as a potent aphrodisiac and libido booster.

More so, oysters are a delicacy and a goldmine of nutrients. Including zinc, a mineral responsible for regulating testosterone production.

This is why many pharmaceutical companies opt for oyster extract when choosing their top ingredients for boosting health, libido, and testosterone.

In this article, we’ll look at the science behind oyster extract.

We’ll break it down for you in a simple and comprehensive way – showing you all of its benefits, nutritional profile, and more.

Shall we have a look?

What’s the Fuss About Oysters?

Oysters are sea-living creatures.

They are salt-water mollusks that belong to the family of scallops and mussels.

While not all species of oysters are edible, the one from the taxonomic superfamily ‘Osteroidae’ are.

If you want to get geeky, oysters are also called bivalve marine mollusk.

They are packed full of nutrients, including zinc. Zinc particularly stands out here, because a deficiency in this mineral can cause low testosterone. [1]

Oysters are considered a delicacy in many cultures and parts of the world. There are many ways to eat them – cooked, raw, or as a part of other food recipes.

You’ll also often see people eating oysters with champagne and caviar – these go really well together.

Oysters have a jelly-like texture and give a smooth, salty, and exquisite taste. As you have probably figured out by now, they aren’t for everyone.

One of the reasons is that some people can’t stand the taste of oysters. Alongside that, oysters tend to be a bit pricey. They are definitely not a type of food that you’ll be gulping down every day.

That’s where oyster extract comes it – an affordable, tasteless, and effective way of reaping all of the oysters’ benefits without needing to eat them.

What is Oyster Extract?

If you’ve never heard of oyster extract before, it’s time to catch up with the news.

It’s a health supplement that’s extracted directly from oysters themselves. Basically, Oyster extract is dried oyster meat with all of its nutrients preserved.

Many athletes, bodybuilders, and health experts use it due to its countless benefits. Which include [4, 18, 19]:

  • A boost in libido
  • Increased testosterone
  • Improved immune system

An Insanely Rich Nutrient Profile

Oysters are a nutrient powerhouse.

In fact, they are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

They are low in calories, but high in micronutrients, giving you the best of both worlds for staying lean, strong, and healthy. [2, 3]

Oysters will give you a full daily dose of vitamin B12, along with high levels of these nutrients[2, 3]:

  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium

However, the best nutrient that this seafood contains is zinc. Just one standard portion of oysters typically gives you more than 900% of your daily value of zinc. [1, 4]

And in case you didn’t know – zinc is incredibly important for countless processes in your body. Including the immune system and testosterone production. [5, 6, 7]

To sum it up:

Oysters are a seafood known for being rich in many nutrients. These include vitamin B12, vitamin C, and above all – zinc. Zinc is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and testostosterone production. Oyster extract is an effective way of receiving all of oyster’s benefits without needing to eat the seafood.

How Zinc in Oyster Extract Increases Your Testosterone

Zinc is absolutely essential for general health.

Your body doesn’t store it, meaning you need to get enough zinc every day to avoid deficiency. [8]

A deficiency in zinc leads to poor nutrient metabolism, weak immune system, depression, anxiety, and low testosterone. [9, 10, 11]

Studies on Zinc and Testosterone

There are numerous studies showing the impact of zinc on testosterone. Not just in animals, but also in humans.

In one recent study, researchers tested the effects of zinc on 32 road cyclists who were exercising very hard.

These athletes took 20mg of zinc daily for 30 days. They continued with their exhaustive training regimens as usual.

After 30 days, the cyclists experienced significantly improved free testosterone levels. [12]

Another study with 55 football athletes showed similar results. This time, researchers gave these athletes 30mg of zinc daily over 8 weeks.

By the end of the study, the athletes experienced not only a major boost in testosterone, but also a significant improvement in their muscle strength and power output. [7]

To sum it up:

Oyster extract is a rich source of zinc. Zinc is a mineral that plays a key role in mood, immune system, and testosterone production. A number of studies show that supplementing with zinc leads to significantly higher testosterone levels in men.

Testosterone – Why It’s So Important

Testosterone is the definition of manliness.

It’s a natural steroid hormone produced by your testes.

It’s what makes you a man – providing you with androgenic and anabolic properties. [13, 14, 15]

While anabolic properties of testosterone help you build muscle and strength, androgenic properties give you that manly look. Such as chiseled jawline, wide shoulders, and a strong sense of confidence.

During puberty, your testosterone levels are at their highest. They peak at around 18 years of age and stay high until your early 30s.

Once you reach your 30s, however, they start slowly declining. On average, 1% per year. [15]

If you don’t watch out, sub-optimal testosterone levels can lead to many problems. Including belly fat, weak and deflated muscles, poor libido, and no motivation or energy to pursue your goals. [16]

This is where oyster extract comes in – since it’s packed with nutrients that support healthy testosterone levels, it will help you look and feel strong no matter your age.

To sum it up:

Testosterone is the king of male hormones. It’s what makes you strong, muscular, and ripped. It’s what gives you that confident, manly look and ensures your sex drive stays high. However, as we age, testosterone drops down – roughly 1% per year after 30. Oyster extract helps slow this down since it contains zinc, a natural T-enhancer.

Other Key Benefits of Oyster Extract

The list of benefits of oyster extract doesn’t end here.

Recently, oysters have gone from a god-like food that was worshiped by ancient people to something that became an object of extensive scientific research.

In other words, we now know more than we ever did about this seafood and its effects on our health.

While it’s already amazing that it’s able to increase your testosterone, this isn’t the only benefit of oyster extract.

Below we have the rest of its key benefits.

Improves Mood

We have a study coming from Japan, showing how adding oyster extract to diet benefits your well-being.

In the study, they gave oyster extract to a group of depressed individuals.

In a matter of days, it improved their mood, energy, and overall outlook on life. What’s more, oyster extract also bolstered their immune systems. [17]

Increases Your Sex Drive

While oysters don’t directly affect libido, they do increase testosterone, as I’ve already explained.

And high testosterone levels don’t just increase your strength, muscle mass, and energy. They also ramp up your sex drive too.

This means that oyster extract is a great indirect way of boosting your libido.

Is Oyster Extract Safe?

At the time of writing this article, there are no studies showing any ill-effects from consuming oyster extract.

It’s definitely one of the safer supplements out there.

That said, there are a few groups of people who should avoid oysters and their supplements altogether.

If you suffer from seafood allergies, definitely stay away from anything oyster-related.

Also, if you have any serious health condition or take potent medications – consult with your doctor before taking oyster extract. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Oysters are one of the richest nutrient food sources on the planet. They are rich in iron, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and zinc.

Zinc is known for regulating countless enyzmatic functions in the body, from the immune system to testosterone production. Low zinc equals low testosterone, according to science. So it’s easy to see how beneficial oysters can be.

However, not everyone likes their taste. Worse yet, they tend to be a bit pricey, so for most people, it’s not something they’ll be gulping down every day.

That’s where oyster extract comes it. It’s an effective and affordable way of supplementing with oysters without actually needing to eat them. You get all of the benefits, packed in a capsule.

Oyster extract has long been used as an aphrodisiac and libido booster. But new evidence suggests it can do much more than that.

Emerging research shows that oyster extract helps boost testosterone levels and overall health. Best of all, it’s perfectly safe – no side effects whatsoever.

If you’re looking to raise your testosterone naturally, and safely, you’ll definitely want to include oyster extract in your supplement stack.


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