Korean Red Ginseng Review: Will It Raise Your Testosterone?

Ginseng testosterone

Korean Red Ginseng – the king of all herbs.

That’s what many people call it, and for a good reason.

New research suggests that Ginseng offers numerous benefits for our health. These include improved erections, stronger sex drive, more energy, and enhanced immune system – to name a few.

Ginsenosides are the main active compound of Korean Red Ginseng. They are responsible for the majority of its benefits.

If you’re wondering if it can boost testosterone, you’ve come to the right place. That’s the topic we’ll be covering today.

We’ve gone over dozens of articles and scientific studies, and what we found was rather surprising.

Shall we take a look?

What is Korean Red Ginseng?

Korean red ginseng is a short plant that grows in countries across Asia.

There are different names for it: Chinese ginseng, Asian ginseng, or most commonly – Panax Ginseng.

Make sure not to confuse Korean red ginseng with Siberian or American ginseng. These are completely different types of Ginseng with different effects.

Ginseng’s root is the part of the plant with the most benefits. When unprocessed, the root is called white Ginseng.

However, once it’s steamed and dried in the process of preparation, it becomes Red Ginseng as we know it.

In order to provide you with all of its amazing goodness, Ginseng has to grow for five years before harvesting.

Because of this, high-quality Ginseng tends to be pricey.

How Does It Affect Testosterone?

There are several ways in which Ginseng affects testosterone – both directly and indirectly.

Let’s start with indirect effects first.

Increases Blood Flow To Testicles and Improves Nutrient Delivery

First and foremost, Korean Red Ginseng increases nitric oxide levels in the blood. Nitric oxide makes your blood vessels dilate, improving your blood flow.

This is especially helpful for guys who suffer from erectile dysfunction, as it can boost blood flow to the penis. [1]

What’s more, improved blood flow also means better nutrient delivery. This helps with the utilization of vitamins and minerals that boost testosterone.

Decreases Blood Sugar

Another way Ginseng indirectly increases testosterone is by regulating blood sugar levels. [2]

See, when your blood glucose levels are high, that’s not good news for your testosterone.

The two completely contradict each other – when one is high, the other one reduces.

So it’s no wonder to see studies showing how high blood sugar leads to low T-levels. [3, 4]

Korean Red Ginseng helps combat this by naturally reducing your blood sugar levels, leading to an improvement in the androgenic hormone.

Improves Steroid Hormones – Including Testosterone

If you’ve been looking for a direct proof of Ginseng’s effects on testosterone, look no further.

Here’s a study showing its direct benefits on your testosterone levels. [5]

The research found that one of the Ginseng’s main compounds increased multiple steroid hormones. Including testosterone and luteinizing hormone.

If you didn’t know, luteinizing hormone signals your testes to produce more testosterone. Which is why it’s one of the most powerful T-boosting agents in the body.

Ultimately, the study concluded that Korean Red Ginseng helps boost androgenic hormones and fertility in men.

More Studies That Show Ginseng’s Benefits On T-Levels

In one animal study, test subjects were given Korean Red Ginseng supplementation. After 60 days of supplementation, test subjects’ testosterone levels had greatly improved. [6]

Furthermore, in a study that looked at erectile dysfunction when supplementing with ginseng, they found some unexpected and surprising effects.

The study’s findings revealed that ginseng has a major impact on your CNS (central nervous system). There it facilitates hormone release – including testosterone. [10]

To sum it up:

Human studies on Ginseng’s effects on testosterone are few. But most of them look promising. So far, the evidence points in the direction of improvement in testosterone in males who take Korean Red Ginseng.

Other Key Benefits

Okay, that’s that for the testosterone part.

Let’s now look at some of the other key benefits that Korean red ginseng has to offer:

Reduces Stress and Elevates Mood

A study from the UK tested the effects of Ginseng on stress hormones and emotional well-being. The study consisted of 30 volunteers who were split into two groups. One group took a placebo, and the other took ginseng.

The study discovered that volunteers who took 200mg of ginseng for one week had improved mood and reduced stress levels.

They later increased the dose to 400mg. The results were even better – the study participants experienced mental calmness and reduced anxiety after just eight days of supplementation. [7]

Another study which involved animals showed how ginseng works as an anti-stress agent. The study gave rats 100mg of Korean red ginseng. After a period of supplementation, the rats had their adrenal glands reduce in size, along with having significantly decreased stress markers in their blood. [8]

Looking at the evidence, it’s clear Korean red ginseng can be a powerful natural option for treating stress and adrenal fatigue.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction

I already briefly mentioned ginseng’s effects on male erections.

But now, we’re going to go even deeper.

Judging by the scientific evidence, Korean red ginseng shows promises when it comes to not only boosting the male libido, but also improving erections. And this includes men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

A large review from 2008 included 28 studies that tested ginseng’s effects on erectile dysfunction. What they found was surprising.

The review suggested that consistent use of Korean red ginseng leads to improved circulation to the penis, leading to reduced symptoms of erectile dysfunction. [9]

Another research proves the benefits of ginsenosides, one of the active components of ginseng. In the study, ginsenosides were able to induce vasodilation in the penis, resulting in improved erections.

All of this leads me to conclude that Korean red ginseng is one of the best natural herbs for treating erectile dysfunction.

Helps You Lose Weight

One of Ginseng’s surprising benefits is its effect on your metabolism and appetite. Studies show it can naturally suppress hunger.

What’s more, it also ramps up your metabolism helping it burn fat faster.

One study proved this when they showed how 12 days of ginseng supplementation leads to increased glucose tolerance, decreased blood sugar levels, and ultimately – weight loss. [11]

Another study from 2009 found similar results. After testing a group of mice, they concluded that ginseng plays an important role in preventing obesity in these animals. Which could lead to similar effects in humans as well. [12]

Improves Your Lungs

A common lung infection, cystic fibrosis, can be treated with ginseng. This herb has properties which destroy lung bacteria, preventing various lung infections.

Studies with animals showed promising results in regards to this. One such study gave rats ginseng injections.

After two weeks of treatment, rats’ lung functioning improved. They also got rid of lung bacteria that was present at the beginning of the study. [13]

Another lung disease which ginseng seems to treat is called obstructive pulmonary disease. A person with this condition has a poor airflow to the lungs.

If untreated, this condition worsens over time.

When supplemented by mouth, Korean Red Ginseng appears to improve the symptoms of the OPD.

Boosts The Immune System and Fights Cancer

Panax Ginseng is a natural immune system booster.

Recent research has revealed the effects of on ginseng on people who had cancer.

One study tested patients who were recovering from stomach cancer surgery.

They treated these people with 5,400mg of Korean red ginseng every day for two years.

It turns out, ginseng supplementation significantly boosted their immune system markers. Even better, they had a significantly reduced recurrence of negative symptoms. [14]

I know what you’re thinking.

“But, I don’t want to wait for 2 years to get the benefits of ginseng.”

The good news is, you don’t need to. Ginseng’s immune-boosting effects are apparent after a short period of time. By the third month, these benefits are in full swing. Here’s the proof. [15]

In the study I’ve linked, the patients who took ginseng experienced its full benefits on the immune system after just 90 days. But it gets even better.

This same study came to another important conclusion. Their results suggested that people who supplemented with Korean red ginseng had a much greater chance of living a disease-free life for several years post-surgery, as opposed to those who didn’t supplement with ginseng.

Their survival rate also increased.

Those who took ginseng had a 38 percent higher survival rate than those who didn’t supplement with it. [16]

Ginseng can also help fight diseases such as influenza. What’s more, the herb synergizes well with vaccines that fight the disease – as shown in this study. [17]

Does It Work If You’re Healthy?

While all of these studies sound awesome, there’s one obvious problem with them.

All of these studies tested people who had some sort of illness. Whether that’s cancer, or the common cold.

What’s missing though, are studies which test ginseng’s effects on the immune systems of healthy people.

It’ll be interesting to see more studies related to this come out in the future.

Watch Out For The Quality Of Your Ginseng

Not all ginseng supplements are made equal.

Due to overharvesting of the plant, the quality of ginseng has severely diminished over the years.

What we’re left with now, are a bunch of ginseng products with lousy quality. Only a few remained top-notch.

In fact, some experts concluded that up to 25 percent of the ginseng isn’t as strong as it’s claimed on the product. [18]

What’s worse, some ginseng products are contaminated. It’s clear that with a huge demand for this ingredient come bad products.

The best advice I can give you is to make sure to buy from a supplement vendor you trust. A vendor that has a long history of producing supplements.

Also look at the customer reviews, usually if a product is of low-quality people will notice it.

Ingredients That Go Well With Korean Red Ginseng

There are certain natural ingredients that help boost ginseng’s effectiveness at improving testosterone.

They include:

  • Fenugreek – An ancient herb with a myriad of benefits. It suppresses inflammation, stress, and most importantly, it helps boost testosterone. It does this by blocking certain hormones in the body that suppress testosterone production.
  • Vitamin D – Also called a sunshine vitamin, or a hormone. Do you know that feeling of having more energy and feeling happier when under the sun? Well, that’s mainly because of the vitamin D which your skin absorbs when exposed to sun rays. This vitamin is crucial in testosterone production, mood, memory, and numerous other bodily functions.
  • Zinc – Alongside magnesium, it’s one of the most important minerals for boosting your testosterone. We lose zinc through sweat. So if you like to exercise often or live in a warm climate, it’s possible to become zinc deficient. Especially if you don’t get it enough through your foods. This is bad because zinc deficiency is linked to low testosterone.
  • Ashwagandha – You may know ashwagandha as the herb which combats stress. But this is just one of its many benefits. Ashwagandha also treats insomnia, anxiety, and helps boost T-levels in men. Combine it with Korean red ginseng, and you got a powerful and natural testosterone formula.
  • Boron – a dietary mineral which helps you keep healthy bones, prostate, and testosterone levels.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – It helps improve fertility and sperm count. It also works to improve testosterone if you’re inactive and suffer from low levels of the male hormone.
  • Bioperine – It doesn’t boost your testosterone directly, however, it enhances the effects of other testosterone boosters.

Dosage Notes

If you want to improve your blood sugar, the effective dose of Korean red ginseng is around 200mg daily for extract.

If you’re ingesting the whole root, then take between 1-2 daily for the goal of improving blood sugar.

For improved erections, take 900mg of Panax ginseng extract, up to 3 times per day. That’s about 4-8 grams of the raw root spread out daily.

For testosterone, fatigue, and immune boost, take 400-1,000mg of ginseng extract daily. Or 2-6 grams of the whole root.

Other Ways of Taking Ginseng

There are many ways to ingest Korean red ginseng. Some people like to eat it raw. Others like to steam it to make it softer and more chewable.

You can also create a tea out of ginseng by stewing it in water. It’s extremely simple to do. Just pour some hot water over fresh and sliced ginseng and let it sit for a couple of minutes. And that’s it.

There are also numerous recipes which you can use with ginseng. Such as soups and stir-frys.

As for the extract, you can take it as a tablet, oil, capsule, or even powder. Depending on what you prefer.

Is Ginseng Safe?

Generally speaking, ginseng is a safe ingredient. Research suggests it doesn’t product any serious negative effects.

Still, there are a few groups of people who should take care with this supplement.

This primarily applies to diabetics. If you suffer from blood sugar problems, make sure to keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels when supplementing with ginseng. Make sure they don’t drop down too low.

Also, if you’re on any kind of anticoagulant drug, consult with your doctor before taking ginseng.

This goes without saying, but children and pregnant woman shouldn’t use ginseng.

How to Maximize Ginseng’s Effects

According to some studies, ginseng loses its potency over a prolonged period of supplementation.

In order to reap its full benefits, take it in cycles.

For example, take Korean red ginseng for 2-3 weeks straight, then take 1-2 weeks off.

This way, your body won’t adapt to it and you’ll continually receive its beneficial effects. [19]


Korean red ginseng is one of many types of ginseng known for its unique effects. People across Asia have been using it for centuries due to its benefits.

Ginseng is linked to improved blood flow, immune system, and blood sugar levels. It also offers some potent anti-inflammatory benefits.

Not only that, but ginseng can help boost your male hormone. Studies show that ginseng supplementation leads to increased testosterone levels over time.

It’s also a fairly safe supplement. The only groups of people who should avoid it are severe-case diabetics, breastfeeding and pregnant women, children, and people taking anticoagulant medications.

You can eat ginseng raw. You can also steam it, or make tea out of it. Most commonly though, people use it in the powder or supplement form. Whatever works best for you.

If you’re looking to boost your testosterone and possibly improve your overall health, then ginseng is certainly an ingredient worth checking out.


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