Signals of Low Testosterone levels

aging testosterone

Testosterone is one of the main hormones found in males and is key for the transition of boys into males during puberty. Testosterone is a key element in sexual development, appearance, bone, mood.

Study’s into the decreasing rate of testosterone levels with age have shown that after the age of 30, men’s testosterone levels decrease at around 1% every year, according to the Healthline. This can sound a little worrying for anyone in their mid-forties but this process is natural and can be well counteracted through a variety of different techniques.

Normal levels of Testosterone are around 300-1,000ng//dL, according to the food and drug administration. Once your testosterone drops below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL), you will start to see signs that your T levels are low, here we have provided 10 clear signals your testosterone may be low.

  1. Anemia / Low blood count

Research to see the risk of anemia in older women and men has been carried in a study when anemic men were administered testosterone, it was noticed that blood counts increased, compared to when a placebo gel was administered. Concluding that older women and men with low T have a higher risk of anemia

  1. Decreased Libido

A male’s sex drive is driven by testosterone, and as men age, it is rather normal for men’s sex drive to decrease, but men with a low testosterone level will experience this effect more severely.

  1. Decreased bone mass

Osteoporosis is the decreasing of bone mass, which is a condition that is largely associated with Women. Since testosterone is key to strengthen and helping produce bone, a low level of T in males can also cause a loss of bone mass.

  1. Memory

Memory is affected with age we see that on an everyday basis as people grow, this is due to cognitive functions declining with age as well. Doctors and specialists believe that lower T levels could lead to an affected memory. A study into the topic found that supplementation of Testosterone linked to improved memory, published by the Journal of the American Medical Association

  1. Low semen level

These two quite obviously go hand in hand, as semen is produced in the testes, so is testosterone. It is common for men with low testosterone to notice a decrease in semen levels.

  1. Loss of muscle mass

Testosterone binds to androgen receptors, which are found on muscle cells, these allow muscle fibers to stay maintained. With low testosterone levels, muscle mass declines due to maintenance stopping.

  1. Increased body fat

A well-known and possibly one of the main identifiers of low testosterone levels is increased body fat. Gynecomastia, which is where a male develops enlarged breast is common in men over 30, is often due to an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone.

  1. Mood swings

Low testosterone does cause a lot of physical imbalances in the body, but it can also affect mental capacity and cognitive skills like mood. It was found that it was more common for men with low T levels to suffer from irritability and depression, according to the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine.

  1. Fatigue

Men with diagnosed low testosterone levels have reported a decrease in energy and extreme fatigue, It may be an indicator of low T levels if you are experiencing this despite getting enough sleep. It is also common for men to find it difficult to be motivated to go to the gym or exercise with low testosterone.

  1. Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the awkward topics for men to talk about these days, but many people don’t realize that by keeping on top of their T levels it may help them maintain a thick head of hair, it works like this; Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is made up from testosterone, it can also be made from DHEA or the enzyme 5-Alpha reductase. DHT is what directly affects hair loss in men, The sensitivity of older hair follicles with the actions of DHT causes balding.

Increase your Testosterone

Workout regime

It is important to remember that making sure you keep a healthy workout regime and exercising regularly doesn’t only keep your body fit and strong, but it also impacts your hormones.    You can increase your testosterone levels simply through focusing on weight lifting exercises, take a look at Exercises to boost testosterone

Dietary regime

Diet may seem an obvious one, but it is still easily overlooked. Maintaining a balanced dietary regime with the correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats is key to increasing your testosterone levels. As well as keeping on top of your vitamins and minerals, you should see a rise in your testosterone, you can take a look at the Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients.

Testosterone Boosting supplements

Testosterone Boosters are the most popular ways to safely and naturally increase your T levels, T boosters use 100% all-natural products to directly increase T levels rapidly whilst also preventing T converting to estrogen. If you are looking into taking testosterone boosting supplements nut you just don’t know where to start with how many there are on the market, take a look at Top 10 testosterone boosters.

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