Is Low Testosterone Affecting Your Memory? Improve Testosterone Levels Naturally

man looking down with a worry of bad memory linked to low testosterone

If you have low amounts of testosterone, chances are you also have bad memory, or mild depression and other mental health related conditions.

Which makes the subject of testosterone no laughing matter, especially when it comes to your well-being and longevity.

Studies demonstrate the negative effects of low testosterone, which causes memory loss.

An article published on the US National Library of Medicine on the issue concluded:

TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) may be considered in men with testosterone deficiency syndrome if low testosterone levels are associated with depression or cognitive impairment. Study Linked Here.

How Low Testosterone Causes Memory Loss

There are parts of your brain that hold memory that are closely related to the production of testosterone.


As testosterone levels decline, as is common in andropause, the testosterone cannot effectively regulate cortisol. As a result, neurotransmitters begin to malfunction, causing these momentary lapses in memory.

Often, men begin to notice memory loss during the early stages of andropause when the production of testosterone begins to naturally decrease.

In fact, men have a greater likelihood of developing cognitive impairments than women do and generally experience symptoms at an earlier age than women do.

What is Andropause?

Andropause: is a condition that is associated with the decrease in the male hormone testosterone.

It is unlike menopause in that the decrease in testosterone and the development of symptoms is more gradual than what occurs in women.

What Does This Mean?

This basically translate to = The less testosterone you have, the more cortisol you’ll have, which means less space for memory.

What Other Factors Trigger Memory Loss

Being stressed, sleep deprived, and eating a poor diet can all trigger memory loss.

Being overworked is another huge factor that can cause memory loss, or in our case, poor memory.

Not only that, poor memory it can also be triggered by hereditary illnesses. In short, a lack of memory can strike from all angels.

But how can we prevent this from happening?

How Can You Prevent Memory Loss?

There’s a number of very simple ways you can improve your memory, and at the same time, your testosterone levels.

Here’s some actionable things you can start doing today:

Stop and Breath

Meditation – One trick to improve your memory, and testosterone levels is by reducing stress levels.

You can slowly start to reduce stress by allowing time for yourself each day. Set some time aside for 10 minutes each morning/evening, or even on your lunch break.

You can listen to music, take a walk and be aware of your surroundings, or do something that relaxes you such as painting. These are all forms of meditation – there’s no need to st still if you find it too difficult.

Reduce processed foods and sugar – This is a no brainier, but much harder than it sounds sometimes. We often build up bad habits over years that are very difficult to break.

If you can at least say to yourself, “I’ll eat one super healthy meal a day”. This can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Whatever meal you choose, you can build on this. The better your diet, the healthier and ore energized you’ll feel.

This will also help to balance out your hormones and cortisol levels, as sugar is a killer for your testosterone and can easily over stress the body and mind.

Move Your Body

Lift weights – This isn’t just a macho thing, it’s scientifically proven that lifting weight scan increase testosterone levels.

If you are already working out, try focusing on lifting heavier weights with less repetitions. Use full body workouts as this will stimulate the most testosterone.

On the other hand, if you’re new to working out, or you have injuries, then you can try body weight exercises.

Remember, form is very important in every movement you do, but try to make it explosive – this will give you the best results when it comes to improving your testosterone levels.

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Stimulate The Mind

Read – Reading is linked to meditation. Setting time in the day for reading helps to improve relaxation. It also helps your mind to improve it’s capabilities to hold more memory.

Reading at night will put you in the mood for sleep, which is another vital element that you need to look at if you’re going to improve your memory and testosterone levels.

Turn off electrics – feeling stressed out? We’re not surprised! The 24-hour work culture has all of us glued to our phones.

There is such a thing as notification addiction. Whether that’s from social media, or checking your email or messenger app constantly.

Seeing no notifications, or an empty email inbox, you’ll start to feel low and depressed. This trigger of depression can cause you to have raised cortisol levels, thus reducing your space for holding new information in your brain.

We urge you to kick the habit and turn your phone off, put it in flight mode, close down that window on your computer and breath, relax and let it go – you’ll soon notice a positive change in your attitude.

Take Supplements

Supplementation – This is another great way you can start feeling the positive effects of testosterone, which is to supplement with a  natural t-booster.

testosterone booster aren’t for grunting men in gyms, or in backrooms or locker-rooms, they have developed a lot over the years.

More and more average people are using testosterone supplements as a way to feel healthier, more energized, as-well-as improving their overall quality of life.

It may sound a bit far fetched but it’s true. Natural testosterone booster have been paving the way in improve men’s health and well-being now for a number of years.

How can a testosterone booster improve your memory?

It’s all to do with the ingredients inside a testosterone supplement.

Typically, you’ll find a variety of ingredients that have been specifically dosed and designed to stimulate natural testosterone production.

Ingredients inside a T-Booster to improve your memory: 

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin. Have you ever wondered why when summer comes around you start to have more energy, you feel a lift in your libido, and you generally feel happier?

It’s not just the lighter and warmer days, it’s the fact that vitamin D is getting into your body through your skin.

taking a testosterone booster for improved memory levels with pills on the table

Vitamin D is one of the main causes of successful testosterone production. Not only that, vitamin D also improves mood and memory, making this a vital ingredient to look out for.

Ginseng – Also known as an adaptogen, ginseng helps to improve your sense of well being. It works to adapt to your current physiological state.

It wont stimulate you like caffeine, or sedate you like ZMA, but it will give you a calming surge of energy.

It’s also been used by the Chinese for centuries as a herbal remedies for low libido in men and in women – making this one powerful ingredient to use when increasing memory.

Relaxation and Repair

Zinc – Zinc is another important mineral that’s been widely studied when regarding improving testosterone levels.

Another good thing is that it’s been backed up with evidence to improve men’s health when it comes to testosterone.

Magnesium – The second mineral on the list is magnesium. This essential mineral helps to relax the muscles in the body.

One interesting thing about magnesium is; when it’s mixed with zinc, often in supplements called ZMA (zinc, magnesium and amino acids), it helps you to fall into a deeper sleep.

This promotes muscle and mind recovery, along with improving libido and testosterone production.

Vitamin B – B vitamins help your body to regulate hormones, and transport nutrients more efficiently around the body.

Vitamin B is in meat, dairy, and cereals. However, if you feel like you need an extra kick – using a testosterone booster can help to fill in the gaps were your diet might be missing.


If you’re worried that your memory is starting to fade, and you believe it could be linked to your testosterone levels, we highly recommend trying some of the tips we’ve highlighted in this article

Even if you can do one per day. Such as reading for 10 minutes at night before bed, this could help start your testosterone and memory transformation.

For more information on supplements that help promote healthy hormone production – read our testosterone boosting guide below.

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