Most Effective Testosterone Enhancers 2019 (Updated)

UPDATED ON: 3rd January 2019.

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So you’re looking to boost your testosterone with natural ingredients? That’s a smart choice!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ingredients that are marketed towards boosting testosterone, that simply don’t work!

What’s worse, some of these compounds are untested and outright dangerous. For this reason, we grouped up with a team of experts to research the safest and most effective ingredients for elevating your T-levels!

What we came up is the list below. It took us a while to do the digging, but it was worth the effort.

The list shows only natural and safe ingredients. They have been clinically proven to work.

I explained how each ingredient works, along with its benefits and suggested dosages.

This article is created to help you understand what makes a good testosterone supplement, and a bad testosterone supplement!

Testosterone Production

After many years of trial and error, and testing many different types of testosterone enhancers, I’ve finally found what works best for me, and chances are they could work for you too.

While individual ingredients can work wonders on their own, I decided to use a complete multi-ingredient formula for one reason, it saves me a lot of time and money.

Once you begin to understand how each ingredient works together to enhance the other, then you’ll see why I chose to use a complete formula.

Testosterone production via supplementation is a long process of testing different ingredients to see how they work. Sometimes this can take weeks and months to complete the tests.

By keeping a log of what works and how well it works can then be measured as a considerable investment.

So, how do I chose a good testosterone supplement? 

Ideally, I am looking for ingredients that contain a variety of natural ingredients that have been created in an ethical, and effective way for the human body to absorb i.e. bioavailability.

Once I’ve found the ingredients that work best, I then begin to look for complete formulas containing all of the main ingredients. I do this to cut down on costs and make the process of increasing testosterone much easier.

Not All T Boosters Are Created Equal

Let’s start off by saying, not all testosterone boosters are created equal in the world of t-boosting supplements.

Testosterone enhancers and their ingredients are heavily tested and reviewed the world over, and there’s only one thing that sets them apart – their ingredients.

There are good testosterone boosting ingredients and bad testosterone boosting ingredients, so it pays to know which ones to take.

But what you want to know is…

How Testosterone Supplements Increase Your T-Levels?

When looking to enhance your testosterone levels naturally through the use of t-boosting supplementsthis guide will serve you well.

First, before we get into the natural list of testosterone boosting pros and cons, let’s talk quickly about what the benefits are to testosterone supplements.

We’ve also included useful tips on how boosting your libido and strength with testosterone boosters can be easier than you thought.

In this guide, we’ll talk about:

  • The dangers of low testosterone
  • What it means to have healthy testosterone levels
  • How your libido and strength can benefit from taking these natural supplements

As you age, your testosterone begins to take a sharp decline, one way to prevent this could be with the use of a natural t-boosting supplement.”

What makes a Bad Testosterone Supplement?

Proprietary Blends + Cheap Ingredients

Long story short, what makes a bad testosterone booster is one that uses proprietary blends and cheap ingredients that have little research to prove their effectiveness.

proprietary blends are ingredients that are mixed together without a specific dosing – which means you never know how much you’re getting of each ingredient.

Why does this matter? This matters because the supplement company could be filling the capsule with very cheap ingredients while holding back on the ones that actually work i.e. the expensive ones they don’t want to spend money on.

They do this so they can advertise themselves as a quality testosterone booster containing the ‘best ingredients’ but fail to provide adequate dosages that will have an effect.

To summarise, proprietary blends are at the backbone of cheap marketing tricks to lure customers in under false claims.

How To Choose A Reliable Testosterone Enhancer?

Okay, so now we’ve talked about the best testosterone boosting ingredients, the next step is to choose a testosterone booster containing these ingredients.

But, there’s more to it than picking one at random, you also have to take into account the dosages, the quality of ingredients, and the results they provide.

Look for quality ingredients

There’s one thing you need to look out for when buying a testosterone booster, and that’s the quality of the ingredients.

Sure, there are good ingredients that have been proven to work, and there are a bad one that shows no signs of stimulating testosterone production at all – there are even ones that could harm your health.

But, and this is a big BUT! there are some ingredients in another league when it comes to how they were manufactured.

I’m not talking about the entire supplement here, what I’m talking about is every single ingredient and how it’s been created.

How Testosterone Supplements Work

Stimulates Testosterone Levels Naturally:

The ingredients inside testosterone boosters work via the brain to help your body indirectly improve its own natural production of testosterone.

By saturating your body with the right ingredients over a long period of time, you’ll effectively put your body into a healthy state of repair and testosterone production.

Suppress Estrogen:

It’s not only women who have estrogen, men also have it. The more estrogen you have in your body, the harder time you’re going to have building muscle, feeling strong, and reducing fat – this also includes women.

Estrogen can be elevated by a poor diet, high levels of stress, and a lack of sleep. Having the right ingredients in your body will balance out your estrogen levels and multiply your testosterone production quicker than with diet alone.

Creates More Free Testosterone:

Testosterone is stored in different areas throughout the body, and in one place that makes sit difficult to reach is when it’s bound to the sex hormone globulin – this holds onto testosterone preventing it from doing its job.

When you take testosterone boosters, they help to release the testosterone from globulin, helping you to feel the full effects of the natural hormone responsible for a higher sex drive, confidence, weight loss and muscle gain to name a few.

The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals For Testosterone

With our modern busy and stressful lifestyles, we tend to rush from one place to another, where we struggle to find healthy meals.

Because of this, we often eat things we shouldn’t which promote the decline of our testosterone levels.

When we begin to add in foods (which contain important vitamins) and supplements to replenish the damage we’ve done through years of unhealthy living, we start to see positive effects.

To find out more about these ingredients, you can READ: 16 Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

Health Risks of Low Testosterone

Weight gain, lack of energy, low sex drive, inability to gain muscle… the list goes on!

A lack of testosterone can also cause depression, cancer, and other quite serious health issues if not kept in check.

A study found that men with low levels of testosterone were more at risk from cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular conditions. (Source)

Cerebrovascular disease is summarised as: “a medical condition that affects the blood vessels in the brain and the cerebral circulation. It also affects arteries that supply oxygen and nutrients to the brain.”

  • Weight Gain
  • Low Mood
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Muscle Loss
  • Poor Sleeping Patterns

Positive Effects of a Testosterone Booster

Depending on which testosterone booster you decide to use will have a different effect. Let’s take Testo Fuel as an example:

The main ingredients of a testosterone supplement are vitamin D/B, magnesium, zinc, and ginseng among others key elements.

When these ingredients are taken over a long period of time, they start to drip feed your body with the right amount of nutrients and minerals that you could be missing.

Once your body is saturated with these ingredients, you’ll sleep deeper and longer, feel a higher sex drive, have more energy every day.

Other benefits you’ll notice when using a natural t-booster are sharper thinking and improved physical performance.

Benefits from using natural t-boosters:

  • Sleep deeper and longer
  • Higher sex drive
  • Muscles will become stronger
  • Your mind will work quicker
  • You’ll feel more positive

This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel immediate effects – you absolutely will feel some of these benefits almost immediately.

However, if you take a quality testosterone booster over a long period of time, your only going to feel more benefits.

Improved Strength

If you’re interested in improving your current strength, or if you would like to increase lean muscle mass, then a natural and safe testosterone supplement has been proven to help with recovery, stamina, and strength endurance.

Testosterone supplements do this by filling in the gaps where your diet might be missing.

Natural and powerful ingredients such as Siberian ginseng, vitamin D, oyster extract, and magnesium will promote muscle recovery, deeper sleep, and the production of free moving testosterone through the body.

Increase Sex Drive

Testosterone enhancers can have a dramatic effect on your body and the way you feel and perform.

They’re made of specialized ingredients that boost your levels of testosterone to promote production and overall health and well being.

Most Effective Testosterone Enhancers

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

On the topic of natural ingredients that have been sourced via plants, and herbs, then yes, it’s safe to say that testosterone enhancers are completely safe to use. That is, however, if you have an underlying health condition.

But, as most of the ingredients can be found in the foods we eat, and unless have a medical condition that could prevent you from using supplements, then most testosterone supplements are safe. To find out more, continue reading…

Are Testosterone Boosters Legal?

Unless you’re considering buying your supplements from unknown sources that contain anabolic steroids, then yes, natural testosterone enhancers and their ingredients are legal.

It’s always worth checking to see if testosterone ingredients are legal in your country. One way to do this is via the FDA.

Questions & Answers

Can I stack a test booster with another supplement, say a pre-workout or nootropic?

Yes, taking a testosterone booster with other supplements will have no negative effects if the supplement has FDA approved ingredients. It’s a no-brainer, if you’re on other medications, speak to your doctor first.

How long will a testosterone booster take to work?

With a quality testosterone booster, you should feel the effects the very same day. Such as; more energy, sleeping better, and feeling stronger. However, the total benefits will be felt more intensely after supplementing with a test booster for 3 months or more.

How much should I expect to pay?

Anywhere between $35 and $55 for one bottle would be a normal price to pay for a well-developed testosterone booster. Go any lower than this, and you’ll risk wasting your money on a testosterone booster that doesn’t work.

Bear in mind that these companies in our Top 3 have numerous deals when bought in bulk. Often you can receive free training manuals, along with free bottles of testosterone boosters when bought in bulk – it’s well worth the money.

Will it increase my sex drive?

Absolutely it will increase your sex drive. Supplementing with a testosterone booster will increase your strength, boost your mood, help you sleep better, and make your libido boost through the roof!

Can women take testosterone boosters?

Yes of course! Women need testosterone too. And if you think that taking a testosterone booster will make you manly, think again! Your body needs everything that’s inside a quality testosterone booster, even women.

The only thing that’s going to happen when taking natural t-boosters are: you’ll feel more awake, stronger, and healthier every day you use one of these supplements.

How often should I use a Testo Booster?

Ideally, you should use a testosterone booster for the recommended dosage period, which is normally 3 months. It’s okay to continue after this period if you wish, but most people like to take a break for one to two weeks to then come back again for another three months, feeling twice as strong as the first time.

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