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Tribulus 625 Caps by Optimum Nutrition Testosterone Booster Review

Here we have yet another single-ingredient Testosterone booster, this time it’s Tribulus 625 Caps by Optimum Nutrition.

It looks like more and more supplements have started using only 1 or 2 ingredients to make the product look simple and fancy. But while it may work for general-health supplements, it’s not really the best choice in a testosterone booster.

The best testosterone boosters use multiple ingredients that work together to increase your male hormone. So, unless Optimum Nutrition has come up with something miraculous here, it’s difficult for Tribulus 625 Caps to have any serious effect with only 1 ingredient.

But as always, let’s first look at its benefits, side effects, and price before jumping to any conclusions!

Pros and Cons of Tribulus 625 Caps


  • Extremely cheap, only $0.10 per serving
  • Tribulus is linked to increased libido


  • Only 1 ingredient inside
  • Ineffective at boosting testosterone
  • Tribulus Terrestris is shown to cause enlarged prostate in men


Since it’s a testosterone booster, Tribulus 625 Caps by Optimum Nutrition’s is aimed at;

  • Supporting testosterone levels
  • Increasing Muscle Mass
  • Improving Strength and Energy Levels

Dosage | How To Use

Here’s how you take Tribulus 625 Caps:

1-2 pills per day, you can take it all at once or spread in two doses.

We always recommend spreading the dosage, since it will provide you with longer-lasting effects.

In fact, you need at least 3 daily servings for best results. The more serving a T-booster has, the longer it will stay in your system.

What about the Price?

Tribulus 625 Caps comes with 100 capsules. So, if you take only 1 capsule per day, it will last you over 3 months.

If you decide for 2 daily servings, then it will last you 50 days. Simple math, I know.

Whichever option you pick, rest assured that Tribulus 625 Caps won’t drain your wallet.

It costs only $10 per bottle, which is $0,10 per serving!


The main ingredient in Tribulus 625 Caps is yes, you’ve guessed it – Tribulus Terrestris.

It comes in two forms; Tribulus Terrestris Extract, and “Powdered” Tribulus Terrestris. Both of these ingredients are a part of Proprietary Tribulus Blend, which totals 625mg per serving.

But since we’re talking about proprietary blend here, it’s impossible to tell what is the exact dosage of each ingredient in this product. Not that it matters really, because Tribulus by itself is a pointless ingredient in a testosterone booster.

Will Tribulus Terrestris increase your testosterone?

Tribulus has long been touted as the “miracle herb” in regards to boosting testosterone. But as it turns out, it was all a marketing gimmick.

New studies show how Tribulus is absolutely ineffective at raising testosterone levels. It does have some libido-enhancing properties, which means it can improve your sex drive.

However, Tribulus’ benefits pale in comparison to its potential side effects. See, this so-called “wonder herb” is shown to cause prostate enlargement in men.

So unless you want to go for a checkup to your urologist, I’d recommend avoiding Tribulus Terrestris like bubonic plague!

What Others Say

Tribulus 625 Caps by Optimum Nutrition Testosterone Booster Review

“Just because its made in nature doesn’t mean this stuff is completely healthy. After the third day, this stuff gave me what I am fairly positive were hives. The bumps on my skin didn’t go away completely for about 2 weeks. I tried it again later on thinking maybe it was something else. Same effect.” – Eric Spafford (Amazon Customer)

“My mood has been better taking those pills! I can feel the difference physically and mentally- actually more mentally for me! I like this combination of supplements-not everything works for me-this did the job. Me happy.” – Marvin (Amazon Customer)

“Have been using this for a.couple of weeks. Don’t notice any differerences at all. Certainly hasn’t help with pushing more weight. Placebo effect? Maybe just not for me.” – tainan (Amazon Customer)

Side Effects

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a risk of prostate aggravation in men who take Tribulus Terrestris.

Other than that, users have reported these side effects from taking Tribulus 625 Caps;

  • Hives
  • Skin Rashes


If you’ve read some of my other reviews, then you know that I’m not the biggest fan of Tribulus Terrestris. Not because I have something personally against it, but because studies prove time and time again that it’s completely pointless at boosting testosterone!

What’s worse, it also causes side effects in some men. The most concerning one being enlarged prostate. At best, Tribulus 625 Caps will increase your libido, but that’s about it. Don’t expect miracles from this product.

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