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Tribulus 2400 by iForce Nutrition Testosterone Booster Review

Tribulus 2400 by iForce Nutrition is an interesting product, using only one ingredient and claiming some very impressive benefits, such as;

  • Boost in Testosterone
  • Increased Muscle Mass and Strength

An increasing number of T-boosters have started to use fewer and fewer ingredients to make it more simple for the buyer. But does this sacrifice the effectiveness of the product?

We’ll take a look at that in our Tribulus 2400 review, along with its side effects and ingredients list.

Pros and Cons of Tribulus 2400 by iForce Nutrition

Unfortunately, there aren’t many pros associated with Tribulus 2400 by iForce Nutrition. Since it only uses one ingredient, you can’t really expect that much from this product.

You need a combination of ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3, Zinc, and others in order for a testosterone booster to work. No ingredient alone can give you the benefits that iForce Nutrition claim for Tribulus 2400.

But it gets worse. When you realize that Tribulus 2400’s only ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, is also dangerous for your prostate, it makes it that much harder to see any positive about this product.


  • A slight boost in sex drive


  • Tribulus negatively affects prostate health
  • Uses only 1 ingredient, one that’s completely ineffective at raising testosterone


iForce Nutrition claims that Tribulus 2400 will support your testosterone levels and sexual health, along with boosting your muscle strength, power, and recovery times.

In reality, this product will do none of the things it claims. This is because its only ingredient, Tribulus, is completely ineffective at raising testosterone. The only benefit you might experience from ingesting it will be increased sex drive.

But there are much worse side effects associated with Tribulus, making its benefits not worth the risk. More on that later…

Dosage | How To Use

Tribulus 2400 uses 3 servings per day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once before going to bed.

This is a great way to dose a testosterone booster, as more servings will ensure you get a constant trickle of ingredients to your system.

In fact, even 3 daily servings aren’t optimal – best testosterone boosters use up to 4 daily servings for maximum benefits.

But we’ll give credits where credits are due; good job by iForce Nutrition for putting 3 daily servings in Tribulus 2400. Most testosterone boosters use only 1 serving per day, which is completely ineffective.


Good old Tribulus Terrestris sticks his ugly head out again. The problem with this ingredient is, that it’s been used for so many years by supplement companies, but it doesn’t really work.

It’s been touted as a miracle herb for increasing low testosterone, and this rumor all began back during Cold War when Olympic Athletes were using it.

Luckily, today we have cutting-edge research showing us that Tribulus is completely ineffective at raising testosterone levels. At best, it will slightly boost your libido. So all those rumors about magical properties of Tribulus are just that – rumors.

But that’s not the worst part about this ingredient. See, new research suggests that Tribulus may enlarge your prostate when ingested daily. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of going to a urologist for a prostate check-up.

So unless you like going to the doctors, avoid Tribulus like a Bubonic Plague.

And that’s it. There are no more ingredients in iForce Nutrition’s Tribulus 2400. This is really sad, because the only ingredient in this product is ineffective at raising testosterone. Which makes this testosterone booster a pointless one.

What Others Say

Tribulus 2400 by iForce Nutrition Testosterone Booster Review

“Because I had recently begun using some new supplements for pre-workout and recovery, I wanted to wait 3 or 4 weeks before incorporating this into my daily intake so that I could tell how much it was helping. I didn’t notice very much difference, even after 3 weeks of taking this. I have had way better. That’s not to say it may not work for someone else, it just didn’t work for me.” – DeltaWardog179

“I believe it is working well in conjunction with my stack: leucine, glutamine, creatine, longjack, beta alanine. I also use protein complex, a combination of whey, soy, and dairy keep on keeping on…” – bermie

“Even my mood has been better taking those pills! I can feel the difference physically and mentally- actually more mentally for me! I like this combination of supplements-not everything works for me-this did the job me happy.” – Marvin (Amazon Customer)

Side Effects

Tribulus Terrestris can cause your prostate to grow enlarged. Which can lead to further health complications if you’re a man.

Other than that, there are no side effects linked to Tribulus 2400.

Conclusion to Tribulus 2400 by iForce Nutrition

There’s not much left to write about Tribulus 2400 by iForce Nutrition. By now, you’ve probably realized just how disappointing this testosterone booster is.

It only contains one ingredient that’s a part of a proprietary blend, and that is Tribulus Terrestris. With no benefits for testosterone and its potential side effects on male prostate, Tribulus is an ingredient to avoid.

If you want tested and safe testosterone boosters that actually deliver you results, why not check out our testosterone booster list. There you’ll find everything about choosing the best T-booster for your goals.

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