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Test HD by MuscleTech Testosterone Booster Review

Test HD is a testosterone booster brought to us by none other than Muscle Tech. It’s claimed to be a “hardcore testosterone booster” – we’re not exactly sure what’s that supposed to mean, so we’ll let you decide on that one.

What we know though, are the ingredients, side effects, price, and dosage of this product. We’re going to reveal this information to you, so you can decide whether Test HD is the product worth your time, and money!

Pros and Cons of Test HD by MuscleTech


  • Uses several good ingredients for promoting free testosterone
  • 1 bottle lasts 45 days


  • Tribulus that’s inside Test HD can cause prostate aggravation
  • A lot of the ingredients in the product are underdosed, lowering their effectiveness
  • Servings are poorly spaced out


Test HD is told to be a “hardcore testosterone booster.” 

As such, it’s supposed to boost your testosterone levels, and even increase ATP levels in the blood.

This was interesting to see, because increasing ATP levels is not usually one of T-booster’s goals. But from what we’ve seen, MuscleTech aim at directly improving your energy and performance, in addition to boosting testosterone.

We’ll have to look at the ingredients first, though – that will tell us if MuscleTech’s claims are correct.

Dosage | How To Use

You should take 1 capsule of Test HD, twice per day. It’s preferred if you take the first capsule in the morning and second in the afternoon.

On training days, make sure to take the second capsule 30 minutes before working out. This will ensure you reap the full benefits of the product.

Lastly, make sure not to take more than 2 capsules in a 24-hour time frame. We’re not sure why this is the case, it could be that some of the ingredients in the product are potentially aggressive in larger doses.

Whatever it is, we’ll find out soon when we take an in-depth look at the ingredients themselves.

Does Test HD offer a good dosage?

We were happy to see that Test HD offers more than just 1 daily serving. Unfortunately, most testosterone boosters offer only 1 serving per day, which is simply pointless for increasing low T levels.

The more servings a T-booster has, the more you’ll male hormone will love you – it will stay in your system for much longer due to frequent daily servings.

In fact, even 2 daily servings from Test HD aren’t optimal. You want 3 or 4 servings to reap those full, long-lasting effects for your testosterone.

But still, we’ll give credit where credit is due – good job by MuscleTech for putting more than 1 daily serving in their product.


Test HD offers 8 ingredients in total, with 6 main nutrients as a part of the Testosterone Boosting Matrix.

All of the ingredients are clearly shown for you to see, which is always a good thing.

In regards to ingredients themselves, a lot of them are effective at increasing low testosterone. However, most of them are underdosed, which severely diminishes their effectiveness. Such ingredients include zinc, which only comes at 50% RDA, Boron Citrate, and Mucuna Pruriens.

There’s also Tribulus Terrestris included, which is quite dangerous for your prostate.

So all of this leads to the question – “are the benefits worth the risk?” We’ll leave this up to you to decide!

Ingredient Breakdown

  • Zinc – A mineral that’s responsible for regulating your testosterone, among many other functions. It only comes at 50% of RDA though, so it won’t have that much of an impact here.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – We’re not sure why testosterone booster companies stubbornly put Tribulus in their products. Long ago, this ingredient was thought to possess some weak libido boosting properties which were linked to increased testosterone, but recent studies show this isn’t the case. Not only that, but Tribulus can also cause prostate enlargement in men, so it’s negatives definitely outweigh any potential positives it may have.
  • Shilajit Extract – There’s one study showing that a continual use of Shilajit for 6 months leads to an increase in testosterone. However, since this is just one minor study, we should all take it with a grain of salt.
  • Stinging Nettle Extract – It’s a garden plant that promotes free T production. It inhibits the SHBG hormone, which in turn increases overall free testosterone levels in the body. All in all a great ingredient.
  • Boron Citrate – Another ingredient that’s been proven to increase free testosterone. Working in the same way as Stinging Nettle Extract, it inhibits Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which results in lower estrogen, and higher free T levels.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – This one is also linked to increased testosterone, however Test HD only has 50mg of Mucuna Pruriens. This is a very low dose, which means its effectiveness is brought into question.
  • Broccoli Powder (DIM) (50mg) – It helps suppress estrogen, and it also has general health benefits. However, studies show it to be an unreliable ingredient at best, as there’s a lot of evidence still lacking to paint the full picture.

What Others Say

“Nothing but an increase in appetite which isn’t good. I stopped using after 1 week.” – Patrick (Amazon Customer)

“I have always been on the fence about trying test boosters but decided to give this one a try. I’ve been taking it a little over a week now and have definitely noticed my muscles feeling a lot fuller throughout the whole day. It seems like this may be what gets me ovTest HD by MuscleTech Testosterone Booster Reviewer my plateau I’ve been stuck on. These have no bad aftertaste or anything and it’s easy to remember to take only two tablets a day dosage as compared to others, also nice that no cycling required since its a natural booster.”– Amy S (Amazon Customer)

“Terrific product if you’re looking for something that gives you headaches all day, every day. I took it for a week, and can’t say I saw any significant results or changes, other than my headache.” – Adam (Amazon Customer)

Side Effects

Every ingredient in Test HD is safe and has no side effects, except Tribulus.

If you’re not sure how you’ll react to Tribulus Terrestris, make sure to consult with your doctor before ingesting it. There’s a risk of aggravating your prostate from taking this ingredient.

Conclusion to Test HD by MuscleTech

Test HD by MuscleTech is a solid product. It contains a number of ingredients that are actually backed up by science, and most of them are safe.

However, there are two concerns with this product. The first one being the underdosed ingredients. Zinc, Stinging Nettle, and Mucuna all come in very low doses, which makes us wonder; will it make any difference in your testosterone production?

There’s also a concern with Tribulus Terrestris that’s in Test HD. This ingredient isn’t just ineffective at boosting testosterone, it’s also problematic for prostate health.

So now that you have all of this information, it comes down to whether you’re willing to take a risk with Test HD. Or perhaps chose a safer product with clinically proven ingredients.

We’ve laid out all the information you need to know. Now it’s up to you to decide whether this product is the right one for your goals!

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