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This is an in-depth review of RSP Nutrition Prime-T side effects, dosage, benefits, and more.

Prime-T is a high-grade supplement which claims to support serum testosterone levels, lean muscle mass gains, and libido.

It’s an interesting supplement, to say the least. It contains high-quality, natural ingredients which have the potential to boost testosterone levels – but it comes in the form of low-quality tablets.

Let’s see if this will affect the products final result in boosting your testosterone. Ready?

Pros and cons of  RSP Prime-T

I think RSP Prime-T definitely deserves credit for some of its awesome ingredients. Such as boron, zinc, and D-Aspartic Acid.

But it also has some major downsides. First and foremost, this product offers only one serving per day.

Secondly, it’s made of cheap materials consisting of magnesium stearate and other chemicals.

Magnesium stearate is known for reducing the bioavailability of other ingredients, along with causing diarrhea and stomach pains. [1]

As a result, RSP Prime T side effects are now brought into question.

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  • Natural active ingredients
  • Boron, Zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, and DIM seem to be effective compounds for regulating testosterone
  • Reasonable price (roughly $35 for a 30 days-worth of product)
  • Ingredients like Maca and Fenugreek Extract are great for increasing libido and sex drive


  • Just one serving per day, not enough for a sustained testosterone boost throughout the day & night.
  • RSP Prime-T tablets are made of cheap and low-quality fillers like magnesium stearate, stearic acid, and titanium dioxide. Magnesium stearate can greatly decrease the bioavailability of other ingredients. It also causes side effects such as diarrhea and stomach cramps in some people.
  • Contains vitamins B12, B3, and folate, which aren’t useful for testosterone and muscle building unless you’re deficient in them. Deficiency in these nutrients is extremely rare.

Prime T Benefits

RSP Nutrition claims that RSP Prime-T will give you the following benefits;

  • Naturally Support Serum and Free Testosterone Levels
  • Helps Promote Healthy Estrogen Balance and Prostate Health
  • Facilitates Increases in Lean Muscle and Strength
  • Supports Healthy Sex Drive and Libido

This is what I like about RSP Prime-T; they don’t promise some outrageous benefits like many supplement companies do.

But can Prime-T deliver on its promises? Can it help you reach your fitness goals, safely and without any side effects? Let’s find out!



RSP Prime-T Dosage | How To Use

prime-t-rsp-testosterone-booster-review. side effects dosage ingredients how to use

With RSP Prime-T, you’ll be taking 4 tablets of the product each night before bedtime. The supplement bottle contains 120 capsules.  Meaning, it will last you 30 days.

Unfortunately, 1 daily serving is not enough for optimal benefits on testosterone.

Let me explain why…

When you take a serving of a T-booster, you’ll experience an increase in testosterone shortly after. This effect will last for a couple of hours, depending on your metabolism and other factors.

So, in order to maintain this effect, you need to continue taking more servings throughout the day. Ideally, you want to take 3-4 daily servings. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening, and one before bed.

The last one, which you take before bed, will give you the most benefits, as it’s well known that growth hormone and other anabolic hormones spike when sleeping. See the study on sleep and growth hormone here: hormone secretion during sleep. [2]

Keep in mind though, that if you don’t maintain your anabolic hormones elevated throughout the day and night, you won’t experience lasting benefits. This is why high-quality testosterone enhancers use 3-4 daily servings.

RSP Prime-T ingredients

RSP Prime-T contains several awesome ingredients. Some of them are even scientifically backed up to support healthy testosterone levels and libido.

However, these great ingredients are also accompanied by low-quality additives that lessen the overall quality of RSP Prime-T.

One of the main components of RSP Prime-T tablets is magnesium stearate, a chemical compound which hinders the bioavailability of other ingredients.

In other words, magnesium stearate makes it harder for your body to absorb some of these awesome ingredients – decreasing their effectiveness.

Here’s an excerpt from a study which investigated magnesium stearate’s effects; “The properties of tablets, powder mixtures, and pharmaceutical drugs are significantly affected by their components, especially by lubricants such as magnesium stearate.”[3] To learn more about this study, see the link here; Effects of Magnesium Stearate on Tablet Properties.


Here are the active ingredients of RSP Prime-T;

Vitamin D

This is possibly the most powerful natural testosterone booster available. If you’re deficient in vitamin D, your T-levels are doomed to plummet down. RSP Prime-T offers a good dose of vitamin D3 – 3000 IU (International Units).

However, it would be even better if it was slightly higher dosed, since studies show that vitamin D works optimally at dosages over 3,332IU. [4]

Vitamin B3

This vitamin helps you with energy metabolism, making it a better ingredient for a pre-workout rather than a testosterone booster.


Helps with muscle recovery and growth, but only if you’re deficient in it (most people who eat a diet containing animal proteins aren’t).

Vitamin B12

Similar to folate, this vitamin can only help you build muscle if you’re deficient in it. Usually, the only demographics who could be deficient in this vitamin are older people and vegans.


Comes in the citrate form, which is a good form of zinc. However, there are more bioavailable forms of zinc available, such as picolinate.

D-Aspartic Acid

This is the one ingredient I like. It’s a powerful testosterone regulator, and it can help you temporarily increase your testosterone levels. [7]

RSP Prime-T delivers 3200 mg of this ingredient, which is a very good amount. See my in-depth, scientifically based review of D-AA here; How D-Aspartic Improves Your Testosterone.

Fenugreek Extract

When used in conjunction with D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek extract can help support your testosterone levels.

It may also enhance your libido, and help with glucose metabolism. [5]

To find out more about Fenugreek, see my detailed article here; Fenugreek and Testosterone Explained.

Maca Root Extract

Maca won’t do much for your testosterone, but it’s pretty effective for increasing libido and sex drive. [6]

DIM (3,3,’-Diindolylmethane)

DIM is a compound found naturally in vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. It inhibits aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. It’s a good ingredient for balancing testosterone-estrogen ratio.

However, in doses higher than 100mg, it produces the counter effect – converting your testosterone to female sex hormones. This can increase your belly size and cause ‘man boobs.’ [8]

RSP Prime T side effects aren’t currently known with this compound. It contains 100mg of DIM, which is extremely close to being too much.

Safed Musli Extract

An herb traditionally used in Indian medicine, Safed Musli is an aphrodisiac and adaptogen.

Some people also claim that this herb is a testosterone booster. However, there’s no scientific evidence to back this up.

Boron Citrate

Alongside Zinc and D-Aspartic Acid, this is my favorite ingredient in RSP Prime-T.

It is a potent testosterone regulator which works similarly to DIM; balancing the ratio between testosterone and estrogen.

However, it has no side effects in higher dosages like DIM. In fact, you need to take at least 10mg of boron daily to experience all of its goodness on testosterone.

Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract)

Although Bioperine doesn’t have any testosterone boosting properties, I’m glad to see this ingredient in RSP Prime-T.

Why, you ask?

Well, think of Bioperine as the opposite of magnesium stearate. Instead of hindering the bioavailability of other ingredients, Bioperine enhances it – making other testo boosters more powerful.

See my full review of Bioperine, and how it indirectly affects testosterone here; How Bioperine Works.

Side effects of RSP Prime-T

RSP Prime-T side effects is a hot topic right now.

While most users claim that it doesn’t give them any negative side effects, there are some who claim otherwise.

Science Behind RSP Prime-T Side Effects

We’ve taken a look at the research behind Prime-T’s ingredients, and most of them are safe.

However, there is one ingredient in RSP Prime-T which can cause side effects in men. It’s DIM.

You see, Prime-T contains 100mg of DIM. Which is just on the edge of being too much – causing estrogen production in males.

Modern studies show that higher doses of DIM cause increased estrogen production. Which in turn leads to side effects such as enlarged prostate, excess belly fat, and man boobs. [8]

While science still isn’t clear on whether 100mg of DIM is a safe dose, I suggest playing it safe if you’re anxious about side effects from this ingredient.

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Conclusion to RSP Prime-T

prime-t-rsp-testosterone-booster-review. side effects dosage ingredients how to use Everything summed up, here’s my conclusion of the RSP Prime-T review;

This is a product with a wasted potential.

It has some great ingredients, such as boron, zinc, and D-Aspartic Acid. These are among the most effective natural testosterone enhancers out there.

However, here’s the problem with RSP Prime-T: it contains magnesium stearate, which is notorious for causing diarrhea and stomach cramps in some people.

What’s worse, RSP Prime-T offers only 1 daily serving. This is not enough to keep your testosterone levels elevated throughout the day. For such an effect, you need 3-4 servings every day.

Among all of this, Prime-T also contains a high dose of DIM – 100mg. This is right on the border or being too much, causing increased estrogen in men and leading to ‘man boobs.’  It’s clear Prime-T side effects are not to joke with.

With all of this in mind, I’d suggest checking for safe and reliable testosterone supplements before choosing RSP Prime-T.


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