Raw IGF-1 by Vigor Labs Review | Ingredients | Side Effects | Does it Work?

Raw IGF-1 testosterone booster supplement review

Here is the highly anticipated Raw IGF-1 from Vigor Labs, a natural testosterone booster and all-around performance-enhancing formula.

Claimed to help you:

  • Naturally increase growth hormone
  • Promote strength and endurance
  • Improve workout quality

It’s clear to see Raw IGF-1 promises a lot here, but can it hold up to these claims? We’ll soon find that out, along with its ingredients, side effects, and ultimately – results!

Pros and Cons of Raw IGF-1 by Vigor Labs


  • Longjack improves libido and erections
  • Black Pepper helps with the absorption of other ingredients


  • Uses a proprietary blend – impossible to tell the dosage of ingredients inside
  • Not a single ingredient is proved by science to have any effect on testosterone whatsoever
  • Missing key T-boosting ingredients (Vitamin D3, D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc…)
  • DIM is linked to increased estrogen production in men


Vigor Labs claim that Raw IGF-1 promotes;

  • Natural Growth Hormone Release
  • Energy Levels
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Workout Quality (train harder and longer)

We’ll take a look at whether these claims are correct in the ingredients section below.

Dosage | How To Use

First things first, you’re instructed to take 1 capsuled of Raw IGF-1 daily.

Right off the bat, we can clearly see this is going to be a problem. Such a low number of daily servings is simply not enough to yield prolonged effects on your hormone levels.

For best results, you want to take 3-4 daily servings. One capsule in the morning, one during lunch, one in the evening, and one before bed. This way you keep your testosterone raised throughout the day and night. Pretty simple, ey?


Vigor Labs have opted for an interesting ingredient choice in Raw IGF-1. It uses some uncommon ingredients, such as Colostrum and Deer Antler Velvet.

But there are also some more common names, like DIM and Tribulus Terrestris. Not that we were happy to see them.

See, DIM is notorious for causing men to produce more estrogen when taken in high doses. Tribulus, on the other hand, comes with the risk of prostate enlargement in men.

But this isn’t the worst part.

See, every ingredient except Vitamin B6 is a part of the proprietary blend in Raw IGF-1. This means, you have no idea about the dosage of these ingredients inside.

Ultimately, this makes it very hard to determine how effective this product is.

Ingredient Breakdown

Raw IGF-1 Proprietary Blend

Longjack Extract

Science says that Longjack extract has aphrodisiac effects. It improves libido, erections, and even sperm quality in men.

However, when it comes to boosting testosterone, studies show it’s not effective at all.

Tribulus Terrestris

Although a natural plant, Tribulus is dangerous in a way that it can make your prostate enlarged.

It’s not only an ineffective ingredient, but a dangerous one too.


L-Carnitine works to improve your cognitive function, and it’s also a good fat burning ingredient. However, it only works in people who are deficient in it.

Since your body already produces some L-Carnitine, and there’s plenty of it in meats, it’s highly unlikely you’re at risk of L-Carnitine deficiency.


Colostrum is a type of milk produced by mammals (yes, that includes humans). It promotes the growth of cells in babies because it’s able to pass through the intestines for better absorption. Since babies don’t have a developed intestinal tract, colostrum plays a very important role in their growth.

However, it’s a different story with adults. Our bodies break down the growth factors that colostrum provides before it gets to our muscle cells, making it ineffective at boosting test levels.

DIM (Diindolylmethane)

DIM is a molecule naturally present in broccoli. As an aromatase inhibitor, it prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in low doses.

However, in high doses, it has a counter-effect; making your body produce more of the female hormone. Since it’s a part of a proprietary blend, we can’t tell what the dosage is.

Definitely not worth the risk if you ask us!

Deer Antler Velvet

Originally used in ancient Chinese medicine, Deer Antler Velvet is basically a crushed antler harvested by humans, before it’s processed and added to supplements such as Raw IGF-1.

However, studies show it doesn’t have any benefits at boosting testosterone.

Fish Oil

Good for cardiovascular and general health, not so much for boosting testosterone. What’s worse, you don’t know how much of it is in this proprietary blend.

Since it’s a relatively cheap ingredient to buy separately, it’s possible that it takes up a lot of space in this proprietary blend – making Raw IGF-1 an ineffective product.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper extract is the best ingredient in Raw IGF-1 by Vigor Labs.

It enhances the absorption of all the other ingredients in the product.

Side effects

The two ingredients in Raw IGF-1 that can cause adverse side effects are DIM and Tribulus Terrestris.

In high enough doses, DIM will make you produce less testosterone and more estrogen. That’s never a good thing if your goal is to stay lean and strong!

As for Tribulus, it’s a common knowledge that it causes prostate enlargement in some men. It’s not only an ineffective at boosting testosterone, but also dangerous for prostate health.

All in all, these are the potential side effects of Raw IGF-1:

  • Aggravated prostate
  • Man boobs
  • Increased body fat due to an increase in estrogen from DIM

What Others Say

Raw IGF-1 testosterone booster supplement review

“Overpriced placebo. Saw no advancement or improvements. Was lifting better & stronger before the purchase of the stack. Had big expectations & was highly disappointed.” – FreeTheFallen (Bodybuilding.com Customer)

“Have used for two weeks along with the stack. Haven’t seen strength gains but did gain 2 pounds.” – mriege (Bodybuilding.com Customer)

“This is a good product I can feel the results after one month of taking it.” – lenguasuelta (Bodybuilding.com Customer)

Conclusion |

To conclude this Raw IGF-1 by Vigor Labs review;

Is it worth your money?

We don’t think it is! There isn’t a single ingredient in Raw IGF-1 that is proven to boost your testosterone levels. What’s worse, it contains DIM and Tribulus – by now, you surely know how detrimental these can be for your hormone and prostate health.

The best ingredients that raise testosterone are Vitamin D3, D-AA, Zinc, and Fenugreek. In right doses, these ingredients will help you boost testosterone, making you leaner and more muscular.

Unfortunately, Raw IGF-1 doesn’t contain any of these ingredients. It simply doesn’t justify its high price tag, especially when compared with the best testosterone boosters on the market.

Want a test booster with proven ingredients? See the link below:

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