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PrimaForce DAA Testosterone Booster Review

Today we’re taking a look at PrimaForce DAA and it’s dosage, ingredients and side effects. This will tell us the results of this product and whether it’s worth your money or not.

On the first glance, you’ll see that it’s a single-ingredient test booster, containing only D-Aspartic Acid. While it’s a powerful T-boosting ingredient, it can’t do everything alone.

Let’s see if D-AA will be enough to boost your testosterone levels and libido:

Pros and Cons of PrimaForce DAA


  • Boosts total testosterone levels
  • Improves sperm quality


  • The majority of elevated testosterone is useless because it’s blocked by Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin. You need an aromatase inhibitor in order to make your testosterone “free” – something that this product lacks.
  • Incomplete profile
  • Potential increase in estrogen, and with it side effects such as man boobs and erection problems


D-AA is shown to slightly promote free testosterone production in healthy adult males. What’s more, it does it pretty fast, in just a couple of weeks of regular use.

However, D-AA by itself isn’t enough to cause any major difference in your testosterone levels, so it’ll be interesting to see what methods PrimaForce has used to improve PrimaForce DAA’s efficacy.

Dosage | How To Use

DAA by PrimaForce comes in powder form, meaning you take it in scoops instead of capsules.

You’re instructed to take 3 grams of the product, once per day. You should also take it with breakfast or your first meal of the day.

Now, we understand why PrimaForce uses powdered supplement instead of capsules. The main reason for that is the amount of DAA you should take, which is 3 grams.

If you were to take so much of a product in capsules, you’d need at least 3 huge capsules, probably more. So going with powder was definitely a better choice by PrimaForce here.

Are the Servings Properly Dosed?

However, not everything is great about Primaforce DAA’s servings. You should take the product only once per day, which makes it questionable how effective it will really be.

The dosages in a testosterone booster should be spread throughout the day for maximum benefits. Best testosterone boosters user 3-4 servings per day to constantly give you that spike in testosterone.

On the other hand, with its 1 serving, PrimaForce DAA will give you a short spike in testosterone at best, after which you’re back to zero.


There’s only so much we can analyze with PrimaForce DAA because it’s not even a formula. We’re talking about a single-ingredient testosterone booster.

The ingredient, as you could’ve guessed, is D-Aspartic Acid. According to some studies, it’s one of the most potent natural testosterone boosting ingredients out there.

In one particular study, they supplemented D-AA to 23 healthy males for 2 weeks. After just 12 days, 20 of these men had their testosterone levels increased by over 40%. Incredible, right?

Well, yes and no.

See, if D-Aspartic Acid was so effective, it would be a much better and safer alternative to steroids. But it’s not.

The thing is this; while D-Aspartic Acid boosts your total testosterone levels, most of it is going to be bound to Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin, making the majority of your increased testosterone useless.

In order to actually increase your free testosterone, you’ll need a T-booster that contains SHBG blocker, such as Magnesium or Stinging Nettle Root. This will ensure that your testosterone continues to flow freely through your veins.

Another obvious problem with single-ingredient T-boosters is that they’re incomplete. Sure, D-Aspartic acid is great – but did you know that when your testosterone raises from this ingredient, your body will naturally raise estrogen as well?

With more estrogen in your body, you’ll start to suffer from side effects such as man boobs, prostate problems, and fat accumulation in unwanted parts of your body.

A well-rounded testosterone booster prevents this by using a combination of T-boosting and estrogen-reducing ingredients – making your testosterone elevated, and estrogen low.

What Others Say

PrimaForce DAA Testosterone Booster Review

“Didn’t feel anything, maybe my testo was ok, so it would be great for those whose testo level low.” – iHerb Customer

“Maybe I am expecting too much. I will keep on using it and updating my review. The powder does not mix very well and the taste is awful. Review update: Now after 2.5 weeks I have started to notice a change in recovery speed. e.g. I did a killer workout yesterday, but I am not feeling it today. I should point out, I’m over 50, so recovery is expected to take longer time.” – iHerb Customer

“Tried this product. It works great. It gives good strength as it increases the tests level. But it has issues like its taste is worst also it doesn’t mix well with water.” – iHerb Customer

“I tried this once… And I will probably throw it away. Tastes like the vomit of someone who has been eating banana candy. Als,o it did not mix well with water and ended up in lots of clumps in my water. Maybe it’s fine if you mix with a blender into some other flavors that cover up the vomit taste, but I really don’t want the hassle of using a blender.”– iHerb Customer

Side Effects

Some users claim they vomited after taking PrimaForce DAA due to its intolerable taste.

However, when it comes to more serious side effects related to this product, you’ll be happy to hear that there are none.

Conclusion to PrimaForce DAA

As you probably know by now, single-ingredient test boosters aren’t your best bet if you want to seriously raise your testosterone levels.

They could help you slightly, but they also bring the risk of increasing estrogen in your body. Not to mention that you also need SHBG inhibitors to actually free up your testosterone.

For this reason, PrimaForce DAA is a decent product, or should we call it an ingredient. But it’s nowhere near best testosterone boosters on the market.

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