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Cellucor P6 PM Nighttime Recovery and Testosterone booster supplement review

Cellucor have produced a lot of great products over the years, establishing themselves as one of the leading supplement companies on the market. Does Cellucor P6 PM live up to the standard though?

After looking through its ingredients and side effects, we have to say we were surprised with the results.

See for yourself:

Pros and Cons of Cellucor P6 PM


  • Contains a ZMA combo which helps you fall asleep
  • Magnesium and Zinc also help with testosterone production


  • Contains Tribulus which is linked to prostate enlargement in men
  • Uses a proprietary blend – you can see the ingredients, but not their dosages
  • Lack of T-boosting ingredients, such as D3, Fenugreek, and D-AA


Cellucor P6 PM uses testosterone support capsules, which help you;

  • Support Free Testosterone
  • Enhance Recovery
  • Improve Sleep

These sound like promising claims from Cellucor. However, to determine whether it really gives you these benefits or not, we have to look at the ingredients and servings first!

Dosage | How To Use

For best results, you should take 4 capsules of Cellucor P6 PM on an empty stomach, roughly one hour before bedtime. Instructions also read that you should avoid taking dairy or anything that contains calcium with this product. The reason behind this warning is unknown.

4 capsules at once is a lot to swallow. It would be much better if Cellucor spread the dosage of P6 PM into multiple daily servings. This would make it much more effective since it would keep your testosterone levels up for longer.

There’s a good reason why best testosterone boosters always use multiple daily servings. That’s because it helps maintain elevated testosterone levels all day, and night.


The ingredient choice in Cellucor P6 PM isn’t the worst, but it isn’t the best either.

Alongside the classic ZMA combo, it also contains a proprietary blend. You can see the ingredients that are in the blend, but not how much.

As a result, this makes it hard to tell whether these ingredients will have any effect on you or not.

Ingredient Breakdown


  • Vitamin B6 –Supports your energy levels and helps suppress excess estrogen production by slowing female hormone’s gene activity. Still, it only works in deficient individuals, which is a very small minority of the population.
  • Zinc – A key mineral for testosterone regulation and production. It also helps improve your immune system.
  • Magnesium – Another mineral that supports free testosterone production. It does this by inhibiting the SHBG, aka, Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin, allowing for more testosterone to flow freely through your veins.

Cellucor P6 PM Proprietary Blend

Okay, the part where we can see the ingredients and their dosages is over. Now we head into uncharted waters, where it’s impossible to tell the dosage of the ingredients inside.

Have a look;

  • Tribulus Terrestris – Not an ingredient we were happy to see in Cellucor’s P6 PM. It was originally thought to be a testosterone booster, but recent studies reveal it doesn’t hold any promise in that regards. What’s worse, Tribulus is now associated with an enlarged prostate in men.
  • L-Theanine – This is a great addition to sleep-enhancer, not so much testosterone booster. Why? Well, all L-Theanine does is promote relaxation, which can help you fall asleep faster. But that’s about it.
  • Passionflower – Another relaxation ingredient, Passionflower will help you fall asleep quicker, but it doesn’t have any effect on your hormones.
  • GABA – This is a neurotransmitter that helps your nerves relax, however it has a poor absorption rate when taken orally. You’d need other routes of administrating GABA in order for this neurotransmitter to cross the blood-brain barrier.  It’s a poor choice in this supplement.
  • Melatonin – This is an important nutrient for people who can’t seem to fall asleep no matter what they try. Melatonin will not only help you fall asleep faster, it also improves sleep quality. All in all, it’s a great addition to a sleep-recovery supplement like Cellucor P6 PM.

What Others Say

Cellucor P6 PM Nighttime Recovery and Testosterone booster supplement review

“Help me to sleep well at night, Price is too high!” – ORene21 (Bodybuilding.com Customer)

“I don’t know what happened but they’ve ruined this product. The powder is now more powdery and light blue. It looks like Kool-aid powder. It stains your teeth and tongue after drinking for a whole and doesn’t taste as good. I’ve been using this product for years and I know they’ve updated it before but not like this. The flavor isn’t awful but not nearly as good as before and I’m really disappointed with the change. Just warning everyone, I’ll be switching after I finish this batch.” – Fletchaa (Amazon Customer)

“As other reviewers stated, this product didn’t do a thing for me. I took it daily for 2 weeks and I didn’t notice any effect.”  – LoneRanger (Amazon Customer)

Side Effects

There are no side effects reported from taking Cellucor P6 PM.

The only potential danger with this product lies in one of its ingredients – Tribulus Terrestris.

If you’re uncertain if you can tolerate such an aggressive ingredient, make sure to consult your doctor before ingesting it!

Conclusion to Cellucor P6 PM

Cellucor P6 PM is an okay sleep-aid supplement, but it’s not your best testosterone booster.

While it contains a good dose of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, it’s missing some key ingredients that would increase your testosterone.

So who is this product for? Basically, it’s for anyone who wants to fall asleep a little faster, and easier.

For anything more than that, such as a surge in testosterone, you’ll have to look at more potent products.

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