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AST DHEA 100 testosterone booster supplement review

Today, we’re having a look at DHEA 100 by AST. It’s a strange supplement, to say at least – it contains only 1 ingredient, which hasn’t been proven by science to work.

So what can you expect from this product? Will it give you the benefits and results in regards to boosting testosterone? And most importantly, is it free of side effects?

We answered all of these questions for you in this review, and more – be sure to keep reading!

Pros and Cons of AST DHEA 100


  • Cheap price, $0.27 per serving


  • Only 1 ingredient in the product
  • Doesn’t have any effects on testosterone, muscle growth, or pump
  • DHEA isn’t just an ineffective ingredient, it’s also banned by numerous sports organizations for unknown reasons.


AST claim their product;

  • Supports lean body mass
  • Supports pump

It’s questionable how will DHEA 100 give you these benefits, since their only ingredient, DHEA is not backed up by research.

Dosage | How To Use

You can safely take up to 2 pills of DHEA 100 per day. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take it all at once, or spread it throughout the day.

We believe it’s always better to spread it, because it supplies your body with a constant flow of the ingredients to utilize.

In fact, even 2 servings per day aren’t enough. If you want best results, you need to take 3 or more daily servings – one for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ideally, one more before you go to bed.

So as you can see, DHEA 100 by AST doesn’t fare very well in this department. But the ingredients can make up for its shortcomings, if they’re good!


DHEA 100 by AST has only 1 ingredient inside. You’ve read it correctly – there’s only one ingredient in this product!

Now, right off the bat, it’s impossible for a natural testosterone booster to give you serious results with only one ingredient. It doesn’t matter how powerful the ingredient is, on its own, it’s highly unlikely it’ll give you the results you need.

For example, Vitamin D3 is a powerful natural testosterone boosting ingredient. It’s shown to promote T-levels in men who are deficient in this vitamin.

But on its own, it can’t really have that much of an impact on your body. You want to pair it with other natural testosterone boosting ingredients, such as D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, and DAA for optimal results.

Once you have at least 3 or 4 good ingredients working together, you’re on your way to a land of high testosterone!

Okay, so what is the ingredient in AST DHEA 100? As you could’ve guessed by the name, it’s DHEA, or also known as Dehydroepiandrosterone.

What is DHEA?

DHEA is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands. It’s then utilized by your body to make androgens and estrogens, which are the sex hormones in males and females.

DHEA levels are the highest in your teens and early 20s. They peak at around the age 25, and from there slowly decline as you grow older. By the time you’re 80, your DHEA levels are only about 10% of what they used to be when you were a youngster.

Okay, this sounds like a promising ingredient – the more DHEA you supplement, the more male sex hormone your body produces, right? Well, no.

See, even though DHEA helps your body produce more androgens (precursors to testosterone), supplementing it doesn’t have the same effect. In fact, studies show that it doesn’t have any effect on testosterone, strength, or muscle growth whatsoever.

So what can we conclude from this? In a nutshell, AST’s only ingredient in DHEA 100 is completely ineffective, making it a pointless supplement. 

What Others Say

AST DHEA 100 testosterone booster supplement review

As expected, users didn’t experience any benefits from taking AST DHEA 100.

People that did report some benefits also admitted that it’s most likely placebo, because there are no studies suggesting that DHEA could work.

“I’m not reviewing the benefits of using DHEA, just the quality of this particular brand. The quality was poor. The dosage was inconsistent from capsule to capsule. You could see some capsules were only half (50%) filled with the supplement, others were filled approximately 75% and so on. White supplement powder was all over the exterior of the capsules and at the bottom of the bottle. Capsules looked like they were all assembled by hand. I would recommend trying a different brand.”Crashclay (Amazon Customer)

“No effects observed.” – Sterling G McDevitt (Amazon Customer)


There’s not much to say about AST DHEA 100.

We spent a lot of time researching its effects so you don’t need to waste your time and money trying ineffective products. DHEA 100 by AST definitely falls into this category, using only 1 ingredient that has no effects on testosterone whatsoever.

If you really want serious results, you should check testosterone boosters that use ingredients that are actually proven by science to work. See the link below for more info.

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