Androgenix by Supreme Sports Review | Benefits | Ingredients | Side Effects

Androgenix by Supreme Sports Enhancements testosterone booster review

From Supreme Sports Enhancements comes Androgenix, their new testosterone booster. Among its benefits are improved sex drive, elevated male hormone, and increased performance.

In order to see if these claims are correct, we need to look at the ingredients of this product. This will also tell us if there are any potential side effects hiding inside Androgenix.

So without any further ado, let’s get on with the review!

Pros and Cons of Androgenix by Supreme Sports

While Androgenix by Supreme Sports does provide you with some benefits, such as improved libido and a slight increase in Luteinizing Hormone. It has several flaws that make it unreliable at increasing testosterone.

The biggest flaw is that it’s missing a lot of other proven T-boosting ingredients. To make matters worse, all of the ingredients are basically proprietary blends, which means you can’t tell their individual dosages.

It’s a cheap supplement though, costing only $0.60 per serving, so if you’re on a tight budget, it could be slightly better than taking nothing.


  • LongJack boosts libido
  • Ginger can improve Leutenizing Hormone (LH) production in high enough doses (can’t tell if that’s the case with Androgenix since the ingredient is hidden in a proprietary blend)


  • Uses 2 proprietary blends, you can’t tell what the dosages of individual ingredients are
  • Missing key T-boosting nutrients, such as Vitamin D3 and D-Aspartic Acid
  • Unreliable at raising low testosterone


Supreme Sports claim that Androgenix will help you;

  • Elevate natural testosterone levels
  • Increase lean muscle mass and performance

Whether it will be able to do give you these benefits depends on the ingredients and servings. So let’s take a look at those first.

Dosage | How To Use

The servings in Androgenix aren’t spread that well. With only 2 daily servings of 2 capsules, it doesn’t have enough firepower to keep your testosterone levels constantly increased. This could negatively affect your results in the long run.

The best testosterone boosters use between 3-4 daily servings and for a good reason. With more servings spread throughout the day, you’ll ensure that your testosterone stays topped up at all times. Whereas with only 1-2 servings, you only get a short spike in testosterone which quickly drops back to baseline.


There are only 2 ingredients in Androgenix, and both are proprietary blends. For anyone who doesn’t know, a proprietary blend is a mix of ingredients that doesn’t show the dosage of each individual ingredient, but only the total amount of the combined ingredients.

This makes it very hard to determine whether these nutrients will work or not. Worse yet, we can’t tell if the dosages of certain ingredients are too high, which can result in negative side effects.

Let’s have a closer look;

Ingredient Breakdown

Gingergenic (Proprietary Blend)

Although Gingergenic is a trademarked proprietary blend, it’s just a fancy name for ginger. It has some benefits for testosterone though.

While the studies on it are quite limited, Ginger is shown to increase luteinizing hormone, which is the precursor of testosterone.

In high enough doses, this might give you a slight boost in testosterone. But since we don’t know the dosages of ingredients in this proprietary blend, we can’t tell if it will work.


Much like with Gingergenic, AndroJax is another proprietary blend with a fancy trademarked name, but containing only 1 simple ingredient – LongJack aka Eurycoma Longifolia.

This is basically a libido enhancer – it improves your drive for sex, but has no effects on testosterone.

And that’s basically it. Only 2 ingredients, both of which are unreliable at seriously boosting testosterone. At best, you’ll get a short spike in libido and that’s it.

This product is missing other key ingredients, such as Vitamin D3 and D-Aspartic Acid which work great together when taken in high enough doses.

A really disappointing show by Supreme Sports Enhancements.

What Others Say

Androgenix by Supreme Sports Enhancements testosterone booster review

“I have tried many Test boosters, I probably could have given this a 7 as this is probably as close to a natural based test boosting product. It also says that in the product description even though the name of it alludes to it seeming even more. This is a decent test boosting product but if you are looking for something a little more hardcore, I would not get this as this is close to natural as your going to get. After I am done with this, I will probably go back to other products.” – beastmaster317 ( Customer)

“As a female, I need as much testosterone as possible to make muscles grow. This product has definitely helped me do that. I have used it for four months and have gained inches in my arms, back and legs. It is a great product!” – AprilBonfardice ( Customer)

“Nothing really changed on my physique. Probably other products will work more than this one.” – chilly79 ( Customer)

Side Effects

Androgenix is made of natural ingredients and it has no reported side effects.

Although it’s not the most effective product, at least it doesn’t come with any negative side effects, which is great!

Conclusion to Androgenix by Supreme Sports

So to answer the main question of this review; “Will Androgenix by Supreme Sports work?” Depending on your goals, it will and will not work. Let me explain…

If you’re looking to slightly boost libido and potentially increase your Luteinizing Hormone a bit, then yes, Androgenix by Supreme Sports will work for you. It’s a cost-friendly product great for anyone who’s not looking for anything serious.

However, if you want reliable and results, you’ll need to look for testosterone boosters with proven ingredients. These products are on the next level compared to Androgenix, as they will offer you much better benefits. Yes, they come at a bit higher price, but you know that saying; “You get what you pay for.”

If you’re ready to take your testosterone to the next level, literally, then check the link below;

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