Testosterone Booster or Pre-Workout for Building Muscle and Fat Loss?

Testosterone Booster or Pre-Workout for Building Muscle and Fat Loss…which one to choose? That’s a very good question, let’s dive right in and find out.

So you’ve decided to take your progress in the gym to the next level, but are unsure which supplement to choose? “Testosterone Booster or Pre-Workout for building muscle and fat loss?” is perhaps one of many questions that popped up in your mind regarding your supplement choice.

The truth is, choosing the right supplement for your fitness goals can be challenging, if not frustrating.  “Will this pre workout give me the results that I need?“ “Or maybe I need a testosterone booster? “Or is it something else that I need?“

So confusing, I know… These were the questions I’ve often asked myself in my first few years of training in the gym. And similar questions might be going through your mind as well…

But don’t worry, I’m here to tell you that choosing the right supplement doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a bit of research and good will, and you’re on your way to getting the supplement that corresponds with your goals!

To make it easier for you, I’ve broken this article down into several key sections. Which cover all that you need to know about Testosterone Boosters and Pre-workouts. Including their benefits and shortcomings, ingredients, and my conclusion on the topic.

At the end of the article, I’ve written down several key points which will help you choose the supplement that will give you the fastest, and most effective results.

Here’s an overview of the main topics we’ll be covering;

  • What is a Testosterone Booster and How it Works?
  • What is a Pre-Workout Supplement and How it Works?
  • Ingredients
  • Pros and Cons
  • Choosing the Right Supplement
  • Conclusion on Testosterone Booster and Pre-Workout supplements

So, without any further ado, let’s delve right into it!

What is a Testosterone Booster and How does it Work?


Testosterone booster supplements are there to help you, yes, you’ve got it right – elevate your testosterone levels.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to take a testosterone booster. The fact is, men over 30 start to gradually lose their testosterone with each passing year. That is, considering they are healthy and active.

However, certain factors like stress, unhealthy diet, poor sleep, or a sedentary lifestyle can accelerate the drop in testosterone well before you hit your 30s. This is where a good testosterone booster can come in useful.

Testosterone booster supplements work by stimulating your body to produce more male hormone so you can have more energy, build more muscle, and stay lean. They also inhibit estrogen, the female hormone which has been linked to low libido, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass in males.

There are many benefits to taking a good testosterone booster, here are what I consider the most important ones;

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Reduced Fat
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Elevated Mood

In my opinion, an increase in muscle mass is maybe the most impressive benefit of taking a testosterone booster. Why do I say that?

See, there was a study which has shown that increasing testosterone levels from the low-end 306 nanograms to a mid-range 570 nanograms per deciliter over 20 weeks led to a 3kg increase in lean muscle mass – even with the abscence of weight training! Here’s a link to a video explaining this in more detail; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoP6NCGb3oM&t=212s

What this tells us, is that bringing your testosterone to its optimal levels is crucial for building muscle, and losing fat. That’s why testosterone booster can really help you if your testosterone levels are low.

However, not all testosterone boosters are created equally. Some use cheap ingredients which don’t have any scientific data backing them up. Meaning, they won’t provide you with any of the benefits I mentioned above. Some testosterone boosters use agressive ingredients which will do you more harm than good.

And then there are efficient testosterone boosters which use only natural ingredients which are proven to help you lose fat, and build muscle. One of them is TestoFuel, currently the best product on the market. You can check our full review of TestoFuel here.

Lastly, always choose a testosterone booster which has 3 or more servings per day. Let me explain why…

If you take only one serving of a testosterone booster per day. I don’t care how strong its ingredients are, your testosterone won’t stay elevated during the entire day and night. At best, you’ll get a decent spike in testosterone for a few hours, and then its levels will get back to normal – resulting in pretty much nothing.

On the other hand, when you take a T booster which has let’s say 4 servings per day. Your testosterone will stay elevated when you go to sleep, and will still stay high when you wake up the next morning. This will result in faster muscle gains, and less fat.

What is a Pre-Workout Supplement and How does it Work?


Pre-Workout supplements, unlike testosterone boosters, don’t affect your hormone levels as much. Their main purpose is to give you extra focus, motivation, and energy when hitting those weights in the gym.

More energy means better workouts, and better workouts lead to more muscle gains. With more muscle, you burn more calories, thus losing fat faster. You get the idea…

Simply put, here are the main benefits you’ll experience from taking a pre-workout;

  • Increased Motivation to Train in the Gym
  • Increased Focus and Intensity while training, which leads to better workouts
  • Elevated Energy Levels, you won’t get tired as easily
  • Better Pumps and Improved Vascularity, which will make you stronger in your lifts

But you might be asking, how exactly does a pre-workout supplement accomplish these effects? It’s simple, a good pre-workout will use a combination of natural stimulants and herbs which will promote better blood flow to the brain and muscles; thus giving you elevated focus, energy, and motivation to train.

However, there are a lot of pre-workouts supplements which use too much of stimulants like caffeine. While a low-dosage (e.g. 100-150mg) of caffeine can boost your focus and energy levels. High doses can be dangerous for people who suffer from anxiety or are sensitive to caffeine.

Not to mention pre-workouts which use other aggressive ingredient’s which aren’t even natural! These can be really dangerous for your health…

For that reason, just like with testosterone boosters, it’s important to research a pre-workout supplement before buying it. Make sure to check its ingredients and see if they are all natural.

I would also steer away from pre-workouts which contain proprietary blends. With these, you’re basically playing a Russian Roulette with your health, as you have no idea what and how much of each ingredient you’re taking.

I’ll touch upon this in more detail in our next section, Ingredients…

Look For Quality Ingredients

No matter if we’re talking Testosterone Booster or Pre-Workout, I must say this once again – always choose supplements that contain only natural ingredients.

Artificial stuff is not only questionable in terms of efficacy. It could also give you some nasty side effects like anxiety, nausea, or vomiting…

Ingredients in a Testosterone Booster

I will use TestoFuel and its ingredients as an example here, since that’s the best testosterone booster I’ve reviewed so far. It meets all of my criteria – every ingredient is natural, and is backed up by science.

D-Aspartic Acid – A non-essential amino acid which has been shown to increase testosterone and human growth hormone levels in adult men. Here’s more about D-Aspartic Acid: https://examine.com/supplements/d-aspartic-acid/

Vitamin D3 – A vitamin many of us are deficient in, due to the lack of sun exposure. Having enough
vitamin D3 in your blood is critical for maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Oyster Extract – Oyster Extract contains an important mineral zinc, alongside 59 trace elements. When combined, they stimulate your body to produce more testosterone.

Ginseng – Having been used for thousands of years as a ‘masculinity-enhancer’, Ginseng is linked to numerous health benefits, including increased free testosterone levels in the blood. See more here: https://examine.com/supplements/panax-ginseng/

Fenugreek – An herb which has shown potential to increase the production of androgen, which is a precursor to testosterone. More on Fenugreek here; http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-733-fenugreek.aspx?activeingredientid=733&

Magnesium – An essential mineral important for your nerve, heart, and musculoskeletal health. Magnesium deficiency could lead to lower levels of free-testosterone in the blood.

Vitamin B6 – Stimulates your testes to produce more testosterone. Which leads to an increase in muscle mass, and decrease in fat.

Vitamin K2 – Vitamin K2 is not just important for bone and cardiovascular health, it also
helps maintain healthy testes and plasma levels of testosterone.

Zinc – One of the most important ingredients in any testosterone booster, zinc plays a key role in maintaining high testosterone levels in your blood.

Ingredients in a Pre-Workout

For a pre-workout ingredients example, I am using 4Gauge. It uses effective and natural ingredients, and is on the top of our list of reviewed pre-workout supplements.

L-Cirtulline DL-Malate – Once you ingest L-Citrulline, it converts into L-Arginine in your blood. L-Arginine is an amino acid that significantly improves your blood flow; resulting in an increased muscle pumps and vascularity.

Caffeine – We all know how effective can a good cup of coffee be, especially when we’re tired and lethargic. Caffeine not only helps you stay awake and alert, it also gives you more energy and focus when you’re pushing out those last few reps at the end of the workout.

Beware though, many pre-workout supplements tend to put too high doses of caffeine, which can be dangerous for people sensitive to it. Make sure to go with a pre-workout that contains safe and effective doses of caffeine.

Rhodiola Rosea – Physical and mental adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea has been linked to many health benefits. Including increased resistance to physical and emotional stress, reduced fatigue, and better focus.

Basically, it has all the benefits you would want in a pre-workout.
Red Beet (Beta Vulgaris) – Greatly increases plasma nitrate levels, which translates to you having more energy and endurance in the gym

Pros and Cons


Pros of a Testosterone Booster

  • More testosterone=More Muscle and Less Fat
  • Higher Energy Levels, making your workouts more effective
  • Elevated Mood and Self Confidence

Cons of a Testosterone Booster

  • Top-tier, natural Testosterone boosters can be pricey, but their efficacy is well worth the investment
  • Our best-reviewed Testosterone Booster TestoFuel can only be ordered from the manufacturer’s website

Pros of a Pre-Workout

  • Elevated Focus to push out those last few crucial reps
  • Increased Motivation
  • Better Pumps, you’ll have more blood flowing through your veins; making you stronger and more vascular
  • Faster progress – as you’ll be working harder in the gym, your muscles will be forced to grow faster

Cons of a Pre-Workout

  • Just like a Testosterone Booster, a quality pre-workout supplement tends to be at a premium price range. But as we all know, you get what you pay for.
  • Certain Pre-workouts contain too many agressive stimulants in them, so it’s important to look out for those that are natural and have safe dosages.

Choosing the Right Supplement

The first step towards answering the “Testosterone Booster or Pre-workout“ question is determining what do you actually want out of it. Do you want to lose fat? Or build muscle? Or maybe have more energy in the gym?

In a way, pre-workouts play more of a support role in accomplishing your fitness goals. They are great, and can indirectly help you build more muscle and lose fat by having better workouts. But, if your testosterone levels are out of balance, pre-workout won’t be able to show its full effect on you.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what your exact goal is. If you already have healthy testosterone levels, then I feel a pre-workout would be a better choice for you. It will give you better focus, elevated energy levels, and more motivation to go in the gym when you don’t feel like it.

However, if you’re lacking progress in the gym, no matter how much you train or eat. Then consider taking a quality natural testosterone booster. It will help you increase your testosterone levels, and in turn, give you better results in the gym.

You can even take it to the next level, and take both testosterone booster and a pre-workout. That is, if you’re serious about gaining muscle and losing fat as effectively as possible. And my guess is that you are, since you’re reading this right now…

To help you decide what is the best choice for you, I’ll summarize this section into a few key points;

  • Determine your goal. What is it that you want to change/improve? More muscle? Less fat? Or maybe increased energy levels?
  • If your goal is to maximize muscle mass and lose fat fast, then I would consider taking a quality testosterone booster.
  • If you’re lacking energy and focus while in the gym, then a pre-workout might be a better choice.
  • Ultimately, combining both Testosterone Booster and Pre-Workout will give you the best and fastest results, if you can afford it.

Conclusion | Testosterone Booster or Pre-Workout supplements

It’s been a lengthy article, but I hope you learned something from it. As you can see, both testosterone boosters and pre-workouts have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re over 30, and maybe lead a hectic and stressful lifestyle, then I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to take a good testosterone booster. It will give you more energy, increased sex drive, and also, more muscle. You know it all by now..

However, if you feel like you already have a healthy diet and lifestyle in general. Then I would go with a pre-workout supplement if I were you. An extra boost in motivation, focus, and energy doesn’t do any harm. If anything, it’ll allow you to get faster results in the gym.

I know I’ve already said it, but if you want the best possible results for gaining muscle and losing fat. Then combining testosterone booster with a pre-workout will do wonders for you. With their combined benefits, there’s nothing that’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals!



Prime Male Testosterone Booster Bodybuilding Review

Here’s our Prime Male Testosterone Booster Bodybuilding Review. Here you’ll find out if Prime Male can be used for goals other than bodybuilding, the pros & cons, how to use it, the correct Prime Male dosage, and the results it has to offer…

As we get older our bodies produce less testosterone. This number continues to decline more and more with each year.

With the stress that everyday life brings, your testosterone will decline fast. And this is where testosterone boosters like Prime Male will come in handy.

Prime Male Manufacturers

Produced by Propura, Prime Male is a supplement which aims to help keep testosterone levels high as you grow older to have more energy, sex drive, and muscle mass. It works in a few different ways. First, it contains natural ingredients which stimulate your body to produce more testosterone.

These ingredients inhibit processes in the body that breaks your testosterone down, and convert it to estrogen and prolactin – the female hormones.

Prime Male produces more testosterone, a better mood, more energy, increased libido, sex drive, and muscle mass.

Pros & cons of Prime Male

Prime Male is a premium product for people who are serious about building muscle and losing fat. Making the price on the high end.

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> More energy
> More strength
> Weight loss
> Stronger bones
> Elevated mood
> Helps build lean muscle



> Premium price
> Not suitable for vegetarians

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Here are all of the benefits Prime Male has to offer:

Prime Male contains several ingredients which are proven to help raise testosterone. Including boron, zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3, and Luteolin. All of the ingredients are natural, there are no harmful chemicals in Prime Male.

Prime Male is very potent for libido, increasing energy levels, muscle mass, and losing fat. A daily serving of 4 capsules keeps your testosterone levels elevated day and night.

  • Greater libido

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Control blood sugar levels

  • Optimal prostate health

  • Skin tighter and healthier

  • Enhanced cognitive function

It’s an impressive list. Our question is’ is Prime Male actually this good? Let’s get straight into the review and find out!

How Prime Male Works

Prime Male works to enhance your body’s ability to produce teftstosterone at an accelerated rate. Most people are low in testosterone and have many deficiencies in our diet that we might not even know about.

That’s where Prime Male comes in – it fills in the missing gaps. It helps to re-ignite the fire inside of your body to get your testosterone levels pumping again.

Not A Bodybuilder?

Not a problem. Prime Male is for anyone, it doesn’t matter if you go to the gym or not. If you’re an average guy with low testosterone, Prime Male is an excellent choice.

The carefully selected 12 ingredients inside Prime Male means that it can be used by many people, nit just bodybuilders.

Prime Male has a hefty dose of 5000 IU of Vitamin D3. Which will keep your testosterone levels high. Gym goer or not.

Prime Male ingredients

Prime Male contains a blend of 12 natural ingredients, including herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Vitamin D3 – If there was only one supplement I could take, it would be vitamin D3. Many of us don’t get enough daily sunlight, and Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to numerous adverse side effects, including low testosterone.

testofuel ingredients vitamin-D

Vitamin K2 (As Menaquinone-7) – Works synergistically with Vitamin D3 by promoting calcium absorption into the bones. Vitamin K2 activates enzymes in your testes which promote testosterone production. Prime Male has Menaquinone-7, a highly-absorbable form of Vitamin K2.

testofuel ingredients K2-Vitamin-

Zinc (Zinc Citrate) – If I see a testosterone booster without a zinc ingredient in it, I turn my head away from it immediately. Zinc is a staple testosterone-boosting ingredient which not only regulates your hormones, making it a potent antioxidant and immune booster.

testofuel ingredients zinc

Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate) – Citrate is good and absorbable form of Magnesium, mineral which indirectly affects your free testosterone. How does it exactly affect it? Magnesium inhibits the production of a sex hormone binding globulin which raises free testosterone levels. This helps to build more muscle, have more energy, and stay lean.

testofuel ingredients Magnesium

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate) – Works in conjunction with Zinc and Magnesium to promote their absorption, promoting testosterone production.

testofuel ingredients B6-Vitamin

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate – D-Aspartic Acid regulates testosterone synthesis. It helps increase libido, and it raises testosterone levels. By taking 4 capsules of Prime Male daily, you ensure this will increase testosterone level is not just temporary. See more here: https://examine.com/supplements/d-aspartic-acid/

testofuel ingredients D-Aspartic-acid

Nettle Root 10:1 Extract – Derived from Stinging Nettle, Nettle Root Extract shows promises for its potent anti-inflammatory effects. That said, it not efficient at boosting test levels directly. Here’s more on Nettle Root: https://examine.com/supplements/stinging-nettle/

Mood Boosting Properties

Asian Red Ginseng – Panax Ginseng  / True Ginseng improves your mood, cognition, immunity, and yes you’ve guessed it – testosterone production. It stabilises glucose levels in the blood and balances T levels. See more on Asian Red Ginseng here; https://examine.com/supplements/panax-ginseng/

testofuel ingredients Asian-red-panax-ginseng

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract (standardized to 15% levadopa) – Some studies show that Mucuna can have positive effects on your testosterone levels. Mucuna contains L-DOPA, which helps improve your mood and produce more HGH (Human growth hormone). More on Muca here; https://examine.com/supplements/mucuna-pruriens/

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract

Luteolin – Luteolin is very potent at reducing estrogen levels in the blood. Less estrogen means more testosterone, which is always good for a T boosting ingredient. Here’s a detailed explanation of Luteoilin and all of its effects; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luteolin


Boron – Raises free testosterone, and lowers estrogen. There was one study which showed that men who consumed 6mg of boron for 2 months increased their testosterone levels by a whooping 29%. That’s crazy if you ask me!


BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract) – Helps other ingredients be absorbed more efficiently by your body.



How To Take Prime Male Dosage

The label on Prime Male reads that you should take 1 capsule, 4 times daily. I think this is good, many testosterone boosters unfortunately have only 1 or 2 servings per day – which is not enough to keep your testosterone levels elevated throughout the day and night.

The correct way to take Prime Male is; 1 capsule 4 times per day, which means you’ll get a long, steady supply of its testosterone-boosting ingredients. To see how to use Prime Male and the correct dosage, read my article > The Correct Prime Male Dosage.

Buy Prime Male | The Cost

What I don’t really like is Prime Male’s high price. You can choose to buy one, two, or three month supply of Prime Male – one month supply will cost you around 69 dollars, plus shipping. Depending on your budget, this can be pretty expensive.

You’re pretty much risk-free with Prime Male, as they offer you a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their product after 90 days of using it.

Side effects of Prime Male

We haven’t seen any reported negative side effects from taking Prime Male. All of its ingredients are natural and come in safe dosages. Follow the instructions and you’ll be good!

Conclusion to Prime Male Bodybuilding Review

Before I say my final thought on Prime Male. Let me stress the fact that no supplement will magically help you build muscle or lose fat just by itself.

If your goal is to be stronger and leaner you need to make sure to exercise regularly, and have a healthy diet. This, alongside a quality testosterone booster like Prime Male, can really help you reach your goals.

Prime Male is successful at promoting healthy testosterone levels in your body. Which means there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to take Prime Male if your gaol is to increase your testosterone levels.

Some of its natural ingredients are backed up by science, and are proven to help you raise your masculine hormone. This will in turn help you build more muscle and lose that stubborn belly fat. Plus, you can always get a refund for Prime Male if you aren’t satisfied with the results after 3 months of using it.

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Testosterone Guides and Articles

At MaleTestosteroneBooster, it’s our aim to help you get the most out of your life by helping you boost your testosterone levels. We all know what it’s like to feel suboptimal in the bedroom, the gym, and in everyday life when your confidence is lacking. This is why I’ve put together the below guides to help you reach your goals! Why not check them out, you may find just what you’re looking for.


TestoFuel Review | How To Take It For The Best Results?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Review which contains all the pros, cons, how to take TestoFuel, a full ingredients list, how it actually works, and the correct dosage.

We’ve also included its many benefits, along with before and after shots to give you the most comprehensive review of TestoFuel.

Let me tell you something, this isn’t a back seat TestoFuel review, I actually supplemented with TestoFuel for 3 months and my energy levels wen’t through the roof!

“My libido was rocking like a wild bull, and I woke up everyday with tons of energy.”

Okay, with that quick intro out of the way, let’s get into why TestoFuel could be the testosterone booster you’ve been looking for!

TestoFuel Pros and Cons

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> Increases energy
> Boosts testosterone
> Grow more muscles
> Sleep better
> Think clearer
> Have more confidence



> Premium price
> Can only be bought from TestoFuel.com
> Not suitable for vegetarians

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TestoFuel Benefits

One great benefit about TestoFuel is; they offer a money back guarantee, with the option to leave your own story, and results on their website, something other supplement companies don’t readily offer.

TestoFuel has everything you need to improve your testosterone production naturally.

  • Increased sex drive

  • Feel stronger during workouts

  • Bigger, and denser muscles

  • Greater sense of well-being

  • Improved sleep 

How TestoFuel Works


TestoFuel works by supplying your body with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it needs through the day to help boost your testosterone levels in a healthy and reliable way.

By taking 4 capsules a day, spaced evenly around meals, you will start to feel more energy each day, you’ll sleep better at night, and your libido will increase – trust me, this really works!

Inside each capsule you’ll find zinc, magnesium, d-aspartic acid, and vitamin D (among other key ingredients).

When you start to supplement with this specialised formula, you’ll immediately notice a feeling of well being and happiness. Over time, your energy will start to multiply, and you’ll feel more confident.

For myself, when I walked into a room, I felt like I owned that room. When I lifted weights, I felt I could lift more with less rest time. And when it was time to get serious under the sheets, my girlfriend didn’t know what hit her.

Needless to say, I was impressed! Now you know how well it works, let’s talk about the actual ingredients inside TestoFuel.

TestoFuel Ingredients

D3 Vitamin  – naturally made from sunlight – it’s responsible for normal hormone production, energy balance, and the promotion of testosterone. 

K2 Vitamin  – is responsible for increasing the level of plasma in your testes. It also transports other key vitamins and minerals around the body, helping you to absorb more from food and supplementation. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21894328

B6 Vitamin  – boosts testosterone levels by stimulating androgen the precursor of testosterone. (a steroid hormone that acts as a precursor for testosterone) receptors in your body, making your testes produce testosterone. It’s also been shown to prevent the build up of estrogen. 

Zinc – directly linked to the production of the hormone testosterone. After one 6 weeks of supplementing with zinc, testosterone levels are shown to rapidly increase. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7271365

Magnesium – helps support normal cell function in the body. When combined with zinc, it can increase testosterone levels. It also helps to relax the body, signalling to your muscles, and mind to relax and soften. This is important for athletes especially. 

Oyster powder – contains high levels of zinc, along with other important minerals for testosterone stimulation. Adding more forms of zinc into your diet will increase your energy levels, and strength. 

D-Asparic acid – directly linked to the production of HGH Human Growth Hormone. It’s responsible for sperm cell, and sex hormone production. After 13 weeks, testosterone levels have been reported to increase by 45%. 

Asian red panax ginseng – The king of all types of ginseng. When taken regularly, it can produce more free testosterone. Also known as an adaptogen, ginseng helps to calm the body and mind, while at the same to it can boost energy and testosterone levels. 

Fenugreek seeds – will normalize testosterone levels and increase libido. Fenugreek seeds contain bioactive compounds called saponins (including diosgenin). These compounds are responsible for production of sex hormones, such as testosterone. 

How To Take TestoFuel

I personally contacted the makers of TestoFuel, and asked them what they thought the best way to take TestFuel was. They said this;

“It’s best to take with food, preferably something that contains fat, as D vitamins are best absorbed when supplemented with food.”

This means; each time you take a capsule, you should try to eat a snack, such as nuts or seeds to feel the most benefits.

TestoFuel Dosage

As we’ve already touched on, you’re supposed to dose with 4 capsules per day to see the best results. Inside each capsule, you’ll receive a huge dosage of 3000mg of FDA approved ingredients that are directly linked to boosting testosterone levels.

You can dose TestoFuel with or without food, it totally your choice. But.. if you really want to boost your testosterone levels, try eating a snack at the same time. All you need to remember is to drink plenty of water and space the dosage out evenly in the day.

TestoFuel Shipping

With manufacturing taking place in the UK and America, the makers of TestoFuel have covered every angle by supplying to all areas of the world. Shipping will take anywhere from a couple of days, to a couple of weeks, it all depends on what shipping method you choose and where you live in the world.

They use the Royal Mail, and DHL Express to deliver their products. For myself, I received TestoFuel after 3 days with standard delivery in the UK. So for most people, using the standard delivery method means you’ll get TestoFuel in less than a week.

Buying TestoFuel

If you’re already set on buying TestoFuel, and you’re looking for ways to buy TestoFuel cheap from other retailers such as Amazon / eBay UK or America, I would think again.

The manufacturers of TestoFuel have intelligently covered customers safety. How do they do this?

They only supply the product via their online store – which prevents cheap counterfeit products being produced. Resulting in 100% customer service, satisfaction, and quality products being delivered.

My TestoFuel Results

In the first month, my sleep improved and my energy increased all round, with the added benefit of a boosted libido.

Then, on the second month, that’s when I noticed my strength started to improve in the gym. I could lift more weight, and my recovery from each session didn’t feel as bad as previous months. Especially during my kettlebell morning workouts.

On the final month, everything came into balance. My testosterone levels were stable and consistent, and my strength continued to do the same.

All in all, I don’t regret buying TestoFuel, even if it was a little on the expensive side, because it works so well.

But, I do as myself from time to time,“Are there others that are as good as TestoFuel?” possibly. But for now, I’ll continue to use this testosterone booster as it works better than previous supplements I’ve used in the past.

TestoFuel Side Effects

For myself, I didn’t experience any side effects. So I went out and asked other people I knew who used TestoFuel in the past if they experienced any side effects. And this is what one person said:

“After constantly missing my doses, I decided to take 2 sometimes 3 in one go to catch up on my dosages. However, this gave me a bad stomach, so I had to stick to the recommended 4 per day spread out evenly every three to four hours. Then my stomach problems went away.”

Apart from this rare case of a bad stomach (from not sticking to the correct dosage). I’ve struggled to find and side effects associated with TestoFuel.

However, be aware that if you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you should approach this with caution. Always consult your doctor first.

Buy TestoFuel | The Cost

There are a number of ways you can buy TestoFuel. Meaning there are different bundles you can purchase. Which make sense if you’re serious about boosting your testosterone levels because the more you buy with them the more you get for free.

  • 1 months supply $65.00
    • 1x box of TestoFuel
  • 2 months supply $130.00
    • 2x boxes of TestoFuel
      Free delivery – USA and UK
  • 3 months supply $195.00
    • 3x boxes of TestoFuel
      1 free box of TestoFuel
      Free worldwide delivery
      2 free e-books: Nutrition & Workout guides


Why I decided to use TestoFuel?

That’s a good question. I decided to use TestoFuel after my doctor told me to start supplementing with vitamin D and my levels we very low. So low in fact that I was starting to feel unwell.

I tired easily, I wouldn’t recover from exercise, and stress seemed to build up quicker than normal. That’s when I decided to buy TestoFuel’s 3 months supply to help battle my low vitamin D levels.

“Long story short, TestoFuel helped me feel like a new person. It actually saved me from going insane!”

Here’s the many benefits TestoFuel has to offer:

  • More energy – felt energized all day with no crashes
  • Increased strength – my strength training personal records improved 
  • Boosted muscle mass – I noticed more muscle mass on my legs, chest and back
  • Improved recovery – My overall recovery went down after each training session

TestoFuel Before and After

After searching the internet looking for other people’s results – it was clear to see I wasn’t the only one benefiting from TestFuel.

People have been reporting numerous testosterone boosting benefits that TestoFuel has to offer.

I’ve collected some of the best before and after testimonials you’ll find anywhere online:

We aren’t the only ones who’ve experienced results from using TestoFuel. There are more, which you can find direct on their company website.

TestoFuel 90 Day Guarantee

Another great reason why TestoFuel is at our number 1 spot is their company ethos, more specifically they have a money back guarantee.

This just shows how confident they are in their products.

Q & A

  • What’s TestoFuel’s dosage?

    • The correct daily dose of TestoFuel is 4 capsules per day. If you miss a serving, you can always take 2 at at once, but this isn’t recommended in the long run.
  • Is TestoFuel a steroid?

    • No, TestoFuel is not a steroid. It is made up of natural FDA substances that improve the level of free testosterone in the body. It works to improve your body’s ability to produce testosterone on its own, which is why it’s become such a popular testosterone booster over the years.
  • Does TestoFuel cause hair loss?

    • There has been no reported hair loss due to TestoFuel. Even though a large proportion of hair loss is caused by testosterone, the majority of hair loss is hereditary. Meaning no amount of testosterone will cause hair loss, it’s in your jeans.
  • TestoFuel before and after, where can I find testimonials?

    • The best place to see before and after pictures of TestoFuel is on their website.
  • TestoFuel bad side effect, is there any?

    • I have not experienced any side effects with TestoFuel. However, one thing I did find strange was the lucid dreams I would experience at night. This is brought on by the quality ingredients such as zinc and magnesium – which are responsible not only for testosterone production but also deep sleep.
  • TestoFuel label, where can I find it?

    • To learn more about the ingredients such as how they work, including where you can find the ingredients label.
  • TestoFuel instructions, what is the correct way to take it?

    • The correct way to take TestoFuel is 4 times a day, spaced roughly 3/4 hours apart with food and water. Remember to eat a clean and healthy diet with reduced sugars and refined carbohydrates. If you want to see the best results, eating whole foods will give you the best results while taking TestoFuel. However, it’s not completely necessary, as you’ll see great results with TestoFuel even on a flexible diet.

Conclusion: TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Review

After all my year’s training, there hasn’t been a supplement that’s helped me as much as TestoFuel. It increased my performance in the gym, the bedroom, and gave me more confidence. Maybe that was because I had low vitamin D levels before using TestoFuel. Either way, I know I’ll keep a bottle of TestoFuel in my home just in case for the future.

As everyone uses supplements for different reasons, our end goals are all the same – we want a higher sex drive, more strength, muscle mass, and to feel stronger and more confident. If that’s the case, then TestoFuel is a good choice to make it happen.

If you’ve been in a similar situation, and your energy levels are low, or you’ve been advised to use vitamin D, then I highly recommend using TestoFuel. It worked for me, so I’m positive it will work for you too.

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