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There are many fat burners which claim awesome results in short time, but unfortunately, only a few deliver on those claims. One of those might just be Instant Knockout, a premium-grade fat burner we’ve come across recently, and decided to make up a detailed review on it.

Believe it or not, Instant Knockout wasn’t originally created for your average Joe. In fact, it was first made for professional boxers and athletes who needed quicker, and better results for fat loss and energy levels when training.

Apparently, Instant Knockout’s results were so good that their manufacturers, Roar Ambition, decided to put it out for everyone to buy and use. Since then, the fat burner has been reviewed countless times on the net, with most reviews being positive.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve decided to put Instant Knockout to the test. And see if it can actually give you the benefits it promises!

But before we jump deep into the review, let’s take a quick look at how Instant Knockout works, and what are its benefits.

Pros and cons of  Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a premium-priced product, which can be a problem if you’re on a budget. However, the quality of its ingredients makes it a fair bargain, in my opinion.

The caffeine might give you jittery feeling if you’re sensitive to it. However, you can avoid this by lowering the dosage.


  • Natural, Tested Ingredients
  • Aids in Burning Fat
  • Reduces Cravings for Foods
  • More Energy When Training
  • 4 capsules per day, ensuring sustained effectiveness


  • Capsules not suitable for vegetarians ( a work around is emptying the capsule into water or food )
  • The product can only be bought from their official website

Instant Knockout Benefits & How it Works

Instant Knockout main benefits;

  • Reduces body fat levels, keeping you ripped
  • Gives you more energy in the gym
  • Keeps you feeling full, even when you didn’t eat for longer periods of time

You might be asking, how does Instant Knockout accomplish these benefits? Well, it uses a three-way approach towards burning fat;

Reduces cravings for foods – Natural fibre found in Instant Knockout suppresses appetite, thus making you crave unhealthy foods much less than usual.

Boosts your metabolism – Cayenne Pepper, one of the ingredients in Instant Knockout, puts your metabolism into higher gear, meaning it will burn calories and fat more efficiently. It also suppresses your appetite.

Gives you more energy – Besides Cayenne Pepper, there are also some natural ingredients in Instant Knockout which give you more energy, especially when doing long and exhausting cardio sessions. And as we all know, the longer you can do cardio, the more calories, and fat you’ll burn.

Instant Knockout Price

Break down the price of this fat burner, and it costs roughly $1.5 per day in the offer! 

  • $185.00 for 3 months supply + 1 free box BUY HERE
  • $118.00 for 2 months supply
  • $59.00 for 1 months supply

Each single bottle comes with 30 servings 4 capsules is 1 serving.

For a one month’s supply the price is $59. However, if you have a look at their website, they often run offers where you can get free bottles and workout guides!

Each bottle contains 120 x 750 mg of quality assured capsules.

How to use Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is simple to use, you just need to take 1 capsule of the product, 4 times daily. Yes, it can get a bit problematic if you have a busy schedule, and need to take Instant Knockout multiple times per day. However, if you want your fat burner to work, this is the way it should be. Let me explain why…

See, when you take a fat burner which has only 1 serving of let’s say 3-4 capsules. Sure, if the product is good, you’ll get a potent dose which will boost your metabolism for up to a few hours – at best.

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”raised” width=”auto” height=”px” background_color=”#ffee8e” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]instant Knockout is one of the only fat burner available that have carefully spaced out, and detailed dosage guides. Which makes this the best fat burner dosage for long term weight loss we’ve come across.[/dropshadowbox]

Learn More Here At

However, with fat burners like Instant Knockout, you get a carefully measured dose of its natural ingredients to keep your metabolism up and running throughout the day, and night – even when you’re freaking sleeping! So always look for a fat burner with 3 or more daily servings, this will make you burn fat faster, and more efficiently!

As for the package Instant Knockout comes in, you can tell at the first glance we’re talking about a premium product. Its 120 capsule bottle, which will last you 30 days with the full dose, costs about 50 dollars. It’s not the cheapest of fat burners, but from what we’ve seen so far, the price seems reasonable.

You can also buy a 2, or 3-month supply of Instant Knockout. The 2-month supply package offers free shipping to the USA and the UK, while the 3-month package gets you 1 extra bottle of Instant Knockout, completely free.

Instant Knockout ingredients

Instant Knockout uses a blend of 10 natural ingredients, which work synergistically to help you get lean, and to give you more energy in the gym.

It does so by reducing cravings, increasing the basal and active metabolic rate, and also, fueling your muscles with more energy to have longer, and better training sessions.

Hormone Health

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI) – In a way, Vitamin B6 is a metabolism booster. It helps your body convert food into energy, and helps it use glucose more efficiently. This means your sugar levels will be more stable, which reduces the chances of insulin spikes which can potentially make you gain fat.

testofuel ingredients B6-Vitamin

Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) – Another important vitamin, it works in conjunction with B6 to balance the glucose in the blood, and improve digestion. However, unless you’re a vegan, chances are you already have enough of this vitamin in your body.

Zinc (as zinc oxide) – Zinc is one of the most important minerals in your body for regulating testosterone. Basically, the more testosterone you have, the more fat you’ll burn.

GTF Chromium (as picolinate) – Instant Knockout features a small dose of GTF Chromium, a trace element which helps regulate your blood sugar levels. Simply put, this will give you a sustained flow of energy throughout the day.

testofuel ingredients vitamin-D

Thermogenic Ingredients

Green Tea Extract (leaf)  – A powerful natural fat burner and endurance-enhancer, Green Tea Extract works in a few different ways. First, it stimulates your metabolism with its antioxidants and catechin polyphenols, making you burn calories faster.

Secondly, it activates enzymes in your body which dissolve triglycerides, reducing your overall body-fat. Lastly, green tea extract also improves your endurance levels by making your liver and muscles burn fats and carbohydrates more efficiently.

Green Coffee Extract (bean) – Made from the raw coffee beans in their natural, green state. Green Coffee beans contain high amounts of Chlorogenic Acid, a chemical which slows the rate at which your body absorbs fat from foods.

It also lowers cholesterol, and balances your blood sugar levels.

Cayenne Powder (fruit) – I feel this might be one of the best fat burning ingredients, right up there with Green Tea Extract and Caffeine. Cayenne pepper raises your body’s temperature, making it burn more calories to cool the body down. Additionally, it also suppresses your appetite.

Appetite Suppressant

Glucomannan (konjac root) – Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber which swells up in your stomach once you take it, making you feel full.

Black Pepper Extract (standardized to 95% PE) – Pepperine, aka, Black Pepper Extract is known for helping the body store less fat. In addition, it enhances the bioavailability of the other ingredients in Instant Knockout.

Energy Production

Caffeine Anhydrous – While caffeine is a great fat-burning ingredient, it can also be a double-edged sword for some people. If you’re caffeine sensitive, or suffer from anxiety, you can have side effects from taking too much of it.

However, Instant Knockout has carefully dosed its ingredients, including caffeine. Meaning, by taking 1 capsule of Instant Knockout every few hours, you’ll get a steady dose of caffeine without any jittery or anxious feelings, even if you’re caffeine-sensitive.

Side effects of Instant Knockout

To my knowledge, there haven’t been any major issues reported with taking Instant Knockout.

The only concern can be caffeine if you’re caffeine sensitive, but since the dosage is evenly spread throughout the day, the risk of negative side effects is minimal.

What Others Are Saying

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review | Price Ingredients Side Effects what other customers are saying

Initially not expecting much, I started on day one with my morning pill just before breakfast. Within ten minutes I felt full without taking a bite, naturally I was a little surprised as I did not expect the appetite suppression to take effect so quickly. Dan Mac UK Customer

I will admit the first couple of days I was on such a high it was hard to sleep. I eventually got used to it and continued with my weight training. I eat pretty well so i really didnt change my diet.

I had increased energy, stopped eating out of boredom and felt so much stronger at the gym. I was on fire!

I tried it for 3 months and bought another 3 months worth. Even after the first 2 weeks on instant knockout I saw results. I was in awe! Maz Delacerna Australia

In a single month I went from 187 pounds down to 179 while strength training. I purchased a 4 month supply of instant knockout and I’m excited to see what results I will have in the future. Nick USA

Conclusion to Instant Knockout

I have to say, when I first saw Instant Knockout’s premium price, I was a bit skeptical. Honestly, I thought it was just another fat burner which promises, and costs a lot, but doesn’t deliver. However, I couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is, once I tried this supplement for myself. It worked beyond what I’ve expected. Its thermogenic properties have allowed me to burn fat even on those days when I was a lazy ass. Professional athletes tested Instant Knockout in the very beginning. Another reason why I like it so much.

To Sum it Up: 

With a 90-day money-back guarantee, and its quality ingredients, it’s hard to imagine other fat burners on the market beating world famous fat burner.

Choosing the right supplement means you have to search for quality ingredients, and the right dosage – that’s why we chose Instant Knockout, as ticks all of these boxes.

I wouldn’t even look at the fat burner which claims amazing benefits, but comes at a cheap price. More often than not, that means we’re talking about a hyped up, crap product.

If you’re looking for a quality assured fat burner, we highly recomendad instant Knockout.

Buy InstantKnockout Here


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