What Can Drug Abuse Treatment Centers in Arizona Do For Users?

How does addiction manifest itself? How can drug abuse treatment centers in arizona help drug users? When does a person realize that drugs have become a problem?

An addict is unable to do without a product or a substance. He or she is in a state of dependence on the effects of the drug. Their body adapts to the effects of a drug to the point that it is necessary to increase the doses to obtain constant effects – in other words, a tolerance is built.

The resultant state of repetitive consumption of a drug provokes the desire to prolong its use, known as habituation. A drug withdrawal is known as the body’s way of dealing without the drug. When one goes through a drug withdrawal, there may be more or less violent physical manifestations as well as deep psychological issues. Thus, weaning must be done under medical supervision, gradually, in order to eliminate the effects of tolerance and dependence caused by drug addiction.

What is the addict looking for?

The effects sought by the use of toxic substances are of three types directly related to the type of drug:

  • Stimulants cause psychological excitement, cheerfulness, sense of sometimes violent physical tension.
  • Sedatives trigger physical relaxation, soothing, marked drowsiness, etc.
  • Hallucinogenic drugs alter a person’s perceptions, vision, hearing, smelling, and so on.

Why do young people take drugs?

Addiction is a symptom of profound discomfort. Just as there are many types of drugs and effects, there are many family or social contexts that lead to substance abuse. In fact, substance abuse can be caused by:

  • A curiosity that often drives a person to try drugs.
  • The fascination of the taboo, of the forbidden.
  • A rejection of traditional values: Young people can be scandalized by the contradictions they observe between the main principles (non-violence, justice, respect for others, etc.) and their daily reality.
  • A freedom from suffering, loneliness, the difficulties of living, the anguish of tomorrow, and the like.

The difficulties of adolescence that are sometimes expressed by alternative behavior: dependence on parents is replaced by dependence on drugs. With this said, some users should get psychological care when being treated for drug abuse.