My observation about Pure Nitrate;

I was really hard working guy in gym and I really worked hard in gym. I use to go and do a hard weight gym but then one day my gym instructor asked me to take part in the body building competition. But then they said I have to work more hard and I have to grow my muscles bigger and stronger as I had height and already use to do gym and was habitual of daily going to gym.  So finally I had a target in front of me because I had a dream to win the body building competition in my area and I thought I will be a champion one day and I got the signal from my gym instructor and he chose me for this competition so I think it was a great honor for me to participate in this competition.

But the biggest issue I had to face that I could not grow my muscles bigger as I was using a supplement for the muscles and it really worked hard to give me mass but it was not up to the desired results so I was a bit worried that how can I get my bigger muscles and more power. Even with that product I had fat on some parts of my body which was even mentioned by my gym instructor to remove it and work more hard for the competition. One day I was browsing on internet and found a product named Pure Nitrate which gained my attention because of its reviews and the ingredients showed there so I thought to give it a try and I ordered it.


Pure Nitrate description;

This was the product I found on internet while I was just looking for my problems regarding muscles growth and other minor issues I was facing but then when I saw this online it really impressed me with its ingredients and then I straight away went to my instructor and asked that if some product is having such ingredients I can try it or not? He said why not because that will be the great achievement to find and use such a product with such a smart combination of substances which are chosen from natural herbs and they have no side effects he also told me that these ingredients are also useful in faster growth and also for the repairing and strengthening the body for lifting the heavy weights.

It s all ingredients were made to result in a bigger and a powerful, robust body which I wanted so I thought I should give and order for this and then I ordered. After its use I even found it more user friendly and also harmless as I was using the products in past also but I never had such energetic and lighter feelings which I got from this product. I think this Is the product which even made me not only physically but I use to get turned on more than I use to be which even made my relationship with my wife better who was always complaining about my sexual life because I was more concentrated about my muscles growth and the body building. Even with its use I even lost all the extra fat which my gym instructor use to point out.

Pure Nitrate ingredients:

This is one of the major reasons that when I looked for the ingredients of this product and this was the only way I chose to use it because the ingredients it claimed to have were totally impressing for me and they were so beneficial and natural that when I asked my coach he asked me to use it without any delay few of those ingredients are as follows

L- arginine;

This is one of the best ingredients which are used in this product which is used in it to make the muscles grow faster and bigger. This is also one of the well known substances which allow the fast growth and increase in testosterones in body to boost the muscles mass and also they help in improvement of health.

Amino acids;

Amino acid is also known in many other products and also produced in body to keep the growth of the muscles in a proportion and this product has it to boost the natural growth of the body in a normal manner. And it also reduces many diseases and also maintains a good digestion system.

Digestive enzymes;

These enzymes help in keeping the digestion system of the body to a normal state which stops any disturbance of digestion and the proper digestion of the food makes the body healthy otherwise. So I think food digestion is one of the most important parts of a healthy life.

Nitric oxide;

Muscles are made up of a specific percentage of the nitro oxide and it also needs it for its growth. Presence of this substance in this product helps the muscles in growing and also helps them in growing in better shape.

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This product was having the capsules as many other products have but what I found more interesting in it that was its formula and the use because I thought I have to use these capsules as I use to use other which I use to take before and after the gym but then I realized that its powerful effect was more than enough with just one capsule and I used it with a glass of water and that even reduced my fatigue of arranging milk and other juices. I took one capsule a day and that too in morning and the results were multiplied by ten. So I think that was the best way to use these capsules. That was also a big reason it became my favorite product among all those I used in my life since I started going to gym and I could guarantee myself that with this dose of the capsules per day I had a confidence in my mind that I will achieve my aims and I will be having a championship medal with me soon because it was really a surprising results which made me and my instructor very surprised. So I never thought of increasing the dosage and I will also recommend you all to use one capsule a day in morning and that will be having its best result in body and in a shortest time.

Does it really work?

I never thought about that it will work or not because that was visible to me and my gym mates and they use to buck me up for the increased muscles mass and also they use to motivate me that I am doing good and I think till the day came and I got the medal that was the day I gave this medal to my product which made me achieve my goal. So I think working of this product was matchless. It really worked hard in my body and turned me into an ideal muscular body which I ever dreamed and with hat effects and the results.

I managed to get the medal and this made me and my gym proud of because they never had any body builder who got any medal front their gym so that achievement and that fame was all because of this product and I think this was all because of my hard work. this product had done a lot for me even on the day of competition I had one capsule and I was so active and alive as other contestants were so tense for their muscles and their products and even they lost their confidence because I was among them with such a mass and strength.

How does it work?

Working of this product is simply amazing for me because I used many products and I never felt such a result. I think I have got a product which made me champion in few months just because it works in a different way it straight away contacts with the blood cells. It helps in widening the blood vessels and also normalizes the heart rate of the heart which makes body calm and on normal working. I even felt its working different from other products as it does not give any kind of congestion in stomach I ate a lot and even then my digestion was totally normal and I never had any digestion issue just because of this product rather with other products I had to take care of the diet also. One of the working I felt most that I never felt nausea or anything with its use because as I told earlier I felt so happy and light mood than I never had burden on myself just because it made me powerful that I could lift y own weight and carry myself easily. It has special; substances which even participate in triggering the brain cells to increase the growth but also stop the irregular growth of the body and muscles which even helps in stopping many deformities.


Is there any risk?

When I saw it online and went to discuss with my gym instructor to ask what he says by telling him about the ingredients .he first of all asked me if I am kidding or is there any product available in market with such a combination because he was also amazed to know. So that was the time when my risk was almost gone and I was feeling relax from inside that thanks God it is safe and then he asked me to give it a try as he was totally sure that this will work. So I had full trust on my coach and said ok I will order it tomorrow.

Even after I got it and started using it as a professional body builder I had a clear difference in front of me because it had really changed my routine of gym and the weight I used to life earlier. Even the minor effects I use to bare from other products which were never ignorable but with this I never felt them I never thought of myself as I am tired or I am stressed. My wife was even very happy with me as I started using it because I had sexual aggression after using it and she was also feeling a difference in my physical and sexual health. So I think there is 0% of risk involved in this product.

When to expect results:

When I my coach nominated me for the competition I was left with only 2 and half months and when I searched and ordered this product I was left with only one month and few weeks so it was a tight schedule for me and at that moment it was hard for me to take a decision either to use it or not. At that time I was worried but then just after a week I got confident as I started feeling a difference in myself and my body. So I used it for around two months and I was ready for the competition.

But it never mean that by using for two months one can go for competition but yes I can guarantee that after few more months body will be as build up that you can g for any compition. So to guess the time frame to get the exactly a perfect body is never bound because I think this is like a feeling that keeps increasing and increasing more and more as I get bigger and bigger muscles. But to get a visible change it needs around two months with workout. Even with the heavy workout or for the user who are already into workout it may take less than a month to get in a full strength and shape.

Visible benefits:

I was standing with the medal in on my chest. I asked my wife what difference do you feel in me and she replied that you are totally changed guy. And I am really happy with you what you have become because it gave a new life. I was more healthy and confident in my life even the mental behaviors and also the smart working on job made me so relaxed and my workout never came in between my work and my social life but before that it never happened this way so there were visible benefits I observed as follows

  • I became more sexually turned on
  • I got my six packs clear from the fat
  • I felt lighter and energetic at work and at home
  • I never had minor health issues
  • I got bigger muscles in a short time
  • I got unexpectedly bigger and stronger
  • I got my waist and chest size changed in weeks

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Doctor’s point of view:

As I mentioned earlier that I got this product a few months before my competition so I started using it. And I was even very happy with the results but deep inside me I was a bit scared that this product is affecting me very fat. So I may get it checked by some doctor because it may have some side effects which may harm me and my health or my muscles later on. That was the short time and I was even impressed and happy too for its fats result but then my wife and me decided that. Even if I have competition I cannot risk my health for this competition so we both decided to get the check up from the doctor and also get this product checked by some expert.

I was very afraid too from inside that if it will harmful what I will use for my competition but then when I got the tests report from the doctor I was so happy to see that my body was working totally normal and I did not have an issue even the doctor said it is totally safe for me to use. And the lab report was also in my favor so finally I was safe and was able to use it and win the competion.

Alternative solutions:

I can name many product other than this product but I think suggesting them will not be a good thing for health and for the muscles and there may be other alternative solutions too which I even ask my son to do even he is just 12 years old but I think these alternatives should be practiced by everyone to get good health and they may not contribute in building muscles much bigger but at least they can keep the body fit and safe from all the diseases which can occur in a lazy body. Few of those solutions are as follows

  • Eat less and eat healthy
  • Avoid fried and oily food
  • Get more natural food and fruits
  • Go for cardio for at least 30 minutes
  • Do swimming or other sport
  • Avoid extra stress for muscles


  • It has naturally extracted ingredients
  • It enhances the sexual power
  • It boosts the muscular power
  • It generates hormones to give bigger muscles
  • It is totally harmless and safe for health
  • It is approved by MPA


  • It is fit for men only
  • Harmful for under age use
  • It is not been approved by FDA

For getting quick results;

I used it with the recommendation of my coach and I will also recommend getting full benefit from this product use it with some prescribed way and also with a workout because without the workout it may also harm the body or may defect it in some other way.

Legal disclaimer;

I even got different ingredients on label and also different labels when I got it second time so I will also suggest you to take a note of this that the ingredients and the label which is explained earlier the original product may have a minor change in it. But I can assure this that even with the slight change its results were not at all harmful for me. But still I will recommend you to get a satisfaction by getting it tested from doctors of labs so to use it and get a benefit from it.

My final opinion;

I think my opinion about this product will always remain positive because with the help of this product I have managed to get a title which I dreamed in my life and I feel proud f myself on getting such a name in my society . This product has got a great respect in my heart as it was just possible due to this product that I am finally known in my area and my gym has also got fame just because of this product. When I see my posters in gym I feel so happy and all this credit goes to this product because without this I think I was not able to gain all this. I think this was a miracle in my life which really gave me a big jump in my life where I can stand and confidently say that yes I have achieved something.

Money back guarantee:

Whenever some product provides the money back guarantee I think that products ask itself that use it and then if someone gets satisfied he or she can use it. So I think this is also a big point in favor of this product. Because I think this show the confidence the company has on its product and I think it is also a best way to try a new product like this and get benefit from it.

Where to buy?

As I searched it and ordered it online instead of my efforts I could not find it in my local market. So I think to by it easily buy it online from the official website link. Because other link may give expired or defaulted product too so to get rid of these tensions at your level always buy it from the official web link given.


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